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Published online: Mar 23, 2020 Articles Emily FitzPatrick
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Hidden away across from Macy’s is 1 Fine Cafe. Maybe you’ve heard of the sweet little cafe that sits on the corner of our swiftly developing city, but maybe you’ve missed it because it’s tucked away and it has only been open for about a year. Either way, it’s time to mark this restaurant as your immediate next stop for breakfast or lunch.

Owner Dave Kempner is originally from Idaho Falls and recently returned to care for his mother. Kempner has 30 years of experience as a chef --expertise he demonstrates in the exquisite flavors piled onto your plate.

The artful presentation of his dishes will have you snapping photos to post on social media so that all of your friends can be jealous of your high-dining experience. All the while, you’ll be sitting at a table in Idaho Falls.

“The whole idea is just fresh food,” said Kempner. “It's all made from scratch and I mean everything. All of the bread, tortillas, dressing sauces, everything. We don't source out any of that type of stuff. So it's really fresh, quite unique.”

General favorites of the establishment include lox and labneh, the mediterranean sandwich and cobb salad. 

“The cobb salad has cubes of walnut and then pork jowl, which is bacon,” explained Kempner. “It’s a little different. We get it right to the grill before we serve it cause it's fatty. It’ll melt right in your mouth.”

1 Fine Cafe food isn’t the only thing that will bring you back repeatedly. The cool vibe, created by paper table settings to allow for room to paint while you wait for your food and bright atmosphere will only increase your need to return. Whether it’s your desire to draw upon some of the creative energy seeping from the establishment or keep the kids busy while you converse with friends, 1 Fine Cafe pleases a variety of audiences.


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