Catering in Idaho Falls

EVERYONE LOVES HOLIDAYS, WEDDINGS, and even holiday-themed weddings. What we don’t often consider is the planning that goes into one.

The Downtown Event Center

FEW THINGS RECEIVE MORE CONSIDERATION in the planning of a wedding than where it will take place.

Countdown to Bliss

Even the most meticulous plans can get derailed by surprises, but that’s hardly an argument for skirting the planning process itself.

Mountain Matrimony

LOOKING TO MAKE THAT SPECIAL DAY something truly spectacular?

Five Stunning Wedding Venues Around Idaho Falls

From century-old historic buildings to a vast lakeside estate, here are our picks for the top wedding venues around Idaho Falls.

A Look Back

Early in 2020, VTR’s conceptual design was completed and received DOE’s technical approval.

Last-Minute Photographer

We’ve compiled some tips to help you make the right choices for yourself as your special day draws closer.

Business is Blooming

There’s nothing like walking into a floral shop and getting a fresh, cool, floral breeze wafting across your face.

5 Local Caterers for Your Wedding

Whether you're looking to cater a wedding or special event, there are several businesses around town ready to serve your needs.