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Shopping During Corona

8 ways to support your local business during the coronavirus outbreak

Published online: Mar 17, 2020 Articles IFM Editor
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The coronavirus has created an atmosphere of panic, especially for local business owners who are watching their crowds grow consistently thinner. It has been recommended that we try to avoid crowds of 10 or more people, so how can we remain supportive of those around us during such a weird time?

Here are some ideas that you can use to not only support our local businesses, but also add some normalcy to shattered routines:

  1. Buy gift cards from your favorite shops and restaurants to use at a later date. This will pass and when you do you’ll want your favorite restaurant to still be around. Consider purchasing a gift card or shop from them online so that they can receive the support they need to stay afloat during difficult times.

  2. Get carry-out. Many restaurants are offering carry-out options, so you don’t even have to sit around and wait for your order. If you’re craving a steak or a handsome burger, we recommend calling up Snakebite and stopping through downtown on your way home from work.

  3. Donate to a local cause. COVID-19 is quickly unearthing many needs in our community. One continually growing need is food. The Idaho Falls Community Food Basket is collecting food and donations. If you grabbed a little too much for your surplus pile then consider donating some to them. 

  4. Order fresh produce from a local farm. You might have a ton of canned goods in your pantry, but we all need fresh produce. Call up your local farm to see if you can swing by to pick up some veggies. 

  5. Don’t horde or stockpile items. Let go of the toilet paper. There is no way you need three packs of 72-roll toilet paper. COVID-19 affects the respiratory system, not your stomach. Stockpiling items causes panic and makes it hard for those shopping on a week to week basis to get what they need.

  6. Shop for at-risk friends, neighbors and family. In all likelihood, you know someone who should practice as much social distancing as possible. Help that person out by shopping for them. This will help not only your local business, but those in dire need of your help.

  7. Be kind to local workers. They’re working as hard as they can and this crisis isn’t their fault. Tip extra and make their jobs easier.

  8. Continue social distancing and washing your hands. If we practice the rules our national leaders have recommended then there is a greater chance we’ll be able to kick this thing quickly and return back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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