A Lifetime of Collected Memories

For 20 years, the Collectors’ Corner Museum has been displaying unique collectible items from each and every era.

Downtown of Destiny

Located along the Snake River, where the area was first settled, you will find the bright, welcoming, buildings of Historic Downtown Idaho Falls.

From the Revolutionary War to Idaho Falls

BEFORE HE WAS EVEN BORN, Ammiruhamah Faulkner saved his mother’s life – and not in some sappy, sentimental way.

A History of the Falls

In 1909, Mayor E.P. Coltman asked the city council to recommend a spot on the Snake to erect a hydroelectric power plant.

MOI’s Exhibition Outlook

On January 22, the museum unveils “Genghis Khan: Culture and Conquest.”

Sounds of Idaho Falls

Sarah Crow brought the first piano to Eagle Rock in 1883 and began teaching lessons. Alma Marker’s music store opened that same year.

Faces of the Past

Get to know people of the past who made what Idaho Falls is today.

The Westbank

To many Idaho Falls long-timers, no matter what the sign says, it’ll always be the Westbank.

Tautphaus Park’s Transformation

Tautphaus Park, as it became known, attracted day-trippers and tourists from afar to picnic, boat and swim at this oasis in the desert