Road Trips



Exploring Idaho's Silent City

TIRED OF THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE of our thriving little metropolis?

East Idaho Community Photo Contest

Got a great photo to share for the Idaho Falls Magazine’s Annual East Idaho Community Photo Contest? Send it our way by March 15, 2024!

A Natural Excursion Far From Home

Yellowstone National Park isn't the only place to spot bison within driving distance from Idaho Falls.

The Falls of Greater Yellowstone Country

Few scenic vistas can match the grandeur of our region's iconic rivers and their thundering vertical cascades. Here's just a handful to consider for your upcoming adventures.

Road Trip Essentials

Idaho Falls is a central hub within East Idaho for recreational opportunities.

Craters for the Curious

Craters of the Moon National Monument is as close to Idaho Falls as Yellowstone National Park. With smaller crowds and unique terrain, it is the perfect summer day trip!

Tight Line Media and Toyota Partner for New Wildlife Film

The Chase of a Lifetime is in Bear Country. Join the Expedition.

Hie(way) to Kolob

A half-mile from the freeway, you’ll find yourself at the doorstep of Kolob Canyons.

Southbound for Spring

Spring-break delights can be found 30 miles further down in Mesquite, Nev., and less than an hour's drive east, you’ll discover Zion National Park.

Road Trip of the Month: Grand Teton National Park

Nothing beats the views of the tetons at Grand Teton National Park. This national park houses two hundred miles of hiking trails.

Road Trip of the Month: Stanley, Idaho

Stanley has fewer than 70 permanent residents, making it the perfect getaway destination for locals looking to escape on a rural vacation.

A Scenic Beauty in the Balance

Shaped like a colossal question mark near the central Idaho hamlet of Castleford, the world-famous landscape formation of Balanced Rock is a sight to behold.

Making it to Mud Lake

The creative force behind this 81-year-old haven is Camas Creek, which originally spread out across the area and disappeared into the aquifer of the eastern Snake River plain.

Road Trip of the Month: Mesa Falls

Looking for a new and exciting natural wonder? Look no further than Mesa Falls in Caribou-Targhee National Park!

Wild Adventure Corn Maze

As fall arrives, there is one event that occurs yearly, rain or shine—Wild Adventure Corn Maze.

Road Trip of the Month: Twin Falls

Twin Falls is only a little over two hours away from Idaho Falls, which means you can make it to this neighboring city and back in less than a day.

Summer Activities for the Family

Now that Idaho has warmed up and the school season is wrapping up, there are even more opportunities to have fun as a family.

Long Ago Journeys

Visit Gilmore, a railroad and mining town in Idaho, nestled in the southern portion of the Lemhi River Valley, northwest of Idaho Falls.

Not Just for the Birds

Look no further than Camas Wildlife Refuge. It’s a sanctuary for all seasons, just a stone’s throw north of Idaho Falls.