Road Trips

Wild Adventure Corn Maze

As fall arrives, there is one event that occurs yearly, rain or shine—Wild Adventure Corn Maze.

Summer Activities for the Family

Now that Idaho has warmed up and the school season is wrapping up, there are even more opportunities to have fun as a family.

Long Ago Journeys

Visit Gilmore, a railroad and mining town in Idaho, nestled in the southern portion of the Lemhi River Valley, northwest of Idaho Falls.

Not Just for the Birds

Look no further than Camas Wildlife Refuge. It’s a sanctuary for all seasons, just a stone’s throw north of Idaho Falls.

Halfway to the Moon

For lava-bound adventure-seekers, welcome to nature's Short Course.

Around the Region

Whether this is your first venturing or your millionth, you can always find something new to do around the Greater Idaho Falls region.

Romantic Weekend Destinations

You don’t have to go far to find somewhere special to share time. Here are just a few spots you can enjoy.

A Historical Road Trip Across Eastern Idaho

Are you looking for an educational road trip? There are plenty of spots to visit close by where you can satisfy your adventurous spirit and learn a little more about our region.

Road Trip of the Month

Fall colors mean it's time to pull out all of our sweater and pumpkin spice products, but have you considered taking your love for fall a step further by planning a road trip to enjoy the Idaho scenery?

Sky’s the Limit

Comet Neowise is soaring by at a safe distance of 64 million miles this week. One of the best places on our planet to view it just happens to be a stone's throw from Idaho Falls.

20 Trips for 2020

Some of the best road trips are the ones you can take in a day. They are not only less expensive thanks to the shedding of hotel and gas costs, but they also create a greater appreciation for the areas that surround our community.

Follow Your Stomach

Have you ever thought about planning a trip simply for the sake of following your stomach? If not, then both you and your stomach are missing out on a world of tastes.

Hot Tips for Summer Blooms

Ready to break out and head for the hills with warming summer temps? One of your best options might be a backcountry trek in search of area wildflowers. Simply slip into your hiking boots, pack your skeeter spray and above all — don’t forget your camera!

Boise Bound

So, you’re going to Boise. The four hour road trip is well-worth your time, whether it’s your first time skirting to the big city or your 50th. The sheer amount of possibilities lends itself for a new experience with every visit. Here are a list of attrac

2020 Idaho Falls Visitors Guide

Annual digest highlights the very best of our little city on the river.

Kodiak Mountain Resort

While Valentine’s Day this month is a good motivation to take a quick trip and get out of town with your sweetheart, the Kodiak Mountain Resort in Afton, Wyo., is proving anytime is a good time to come for a visit.

On the Go? Follow the Snow

Experience winter like the locals with these top five winter adventures in the Teton Valley.

Your Guide to Winter Mountain Adventure

The Eastern Idaho Snowmobile Guide covers the best of trails and riding areas around the region.

Discover Idaho Falls: Winter Day Trips

IFM and the Greater I.F. Chamber of Commerce celebrate 50+ winter adventures.