East Idaho Outdoors

Tight Line Media and Toyota Partner for New Wildlife Film

The Chase of a Lifetime is in Bear Country. Join the Expedition.

Home Water

From first-timers to paddlers experienced enough to help first-timers, here’s how to safely float our home water from north to south through Idaho Falls.

Seed Season

The Gem State is the nation’s top potato producer generating one third of the potatoes produced in the United States.

Fit n Fill

This is how to properly fit and fill your pack before you put it on your back.

Gear Review

Here’s EIO’s 2022 gear roundup.

Road Biking Paradise

Whether on a week-long trip or an afternoon ride, if you are on a road bike it’s because you are not in a hurry.

Exploring The Butterfly Haven in Pingree

Randy and Karen Reed decided to convert one of their greenhouses into a butterfly haven after over thirty years of producing tomatoes and herbs for various grocery chains.

White Waterin’

Idaho is known for its winter wonderland. And that only means one thing comes in spring and summer: water.

There’s a Bird in the Back Seat

Join Kris Millgate on her journey to transport an injured bird and learn who to contact if you find one in need yourself.

Salmon Swimming Your Way

Celebrate the unbelievable migration of salmon with Tight Line Media and Idaho Museum of Natural History Sept. 2.

The Story Behind the Book

Kris Millgate discovered her story-telling grit long before she entered the world of book publishing.

Watch Yourself

Yellowstone isn’t a zoo, so watch yourself. Here’s what NOT to do when you visit the nation’s first national park, a park more than 4 million people visit annually.

Only in a Place Like Idaho

Living anywhere in Idaho one can frequently experience surprising and delightful encounters with wildlife.

Wildlife Drives App

What makes a trip to Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park memorable? The answer is simple—the sights you see and the memories you create.

Get Involved!

There are so many ways to get involved in environmental and conservation efforts. You can start by joining one of these local groups.


Take a weekend off or plan your summer early with these scenic camping locations throughout Eastern Idaho.

Idaho Falls Earth Day Celebration

The Idaho Falls Earth Day Celebration will continue to bring people together from our local community again this year as a virtual event.

Drop In

If you’ve never been, go. If you’ve already been, go again. Darby Canyon, just outside of Driggs, offers hikers a double whammy at the end.

Sound Waves

Road trips are all about the sights—what you see at lookouts, in the woods and on the river.