East Idaho Outdoors

White Waterin'

Idaho is known for its winter wonderland. And that means one thing comes in spring and summer: water.

Boating Destinations

To help provide boaters in our region with some real local options, we’ve come up with five popular lakes to consider.

Mama's Gotta Cach 'Em All

I am is a mom of five young kids who loves connecting with them and trying to keep up with their likes and dislikes. We love to walk around Idaho Falls playing Pokémon Go!

Shredding Snow

Snow was one of the things I was most excited about when I first moved to Idaho Falls. It took me sometime, but this year, I finally found my footing when it comes to enjoying the snow.

Along the Trail

Whatever speed you prefer, a hike is sure to get your heart pumping. Explore the Snake River, get a close look at wildlife, travel to a nearby city and have new experiences. Here are a few short hikes to get you safely started toward becoming a novice:

First Run

We never get too ambitious during the first couple of rides each winter, so we look at it as a chance to put some miles on and hopefully not break anything.

Adventure Biking in East Idaho

At Eagle Rock Indian Motorcycle, we do more than just sell motorcycles to people. We share stories. We spread passion.

Lessons from the Boat

With my profession, I have the opportunity to hear fish story after fish story. Well, here's one of mine.

Respect, Not Fear

One of the benefits of living in a place like Idaho Falls is the ease of access to the outdoors, but it is important to remember that we are not alone in the woods and that a little precaution goes a long way.

Road Biking Paradise

Whether on a week-long trip or an afternoon ride, if you are on a road bike it’s because you are not in a hurry. For us, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

The Falls of Greater Yellowstone Country

Few scenic vistas can match the grandeur of our region's iconic rivers and their thundering vertical cascades. Here's just a handful to consider for your upcoming adventures.

Meet the Experts

BEHIND EVERY STORY IS A WRITER WITH THE EXPERIENCE TO TELL IT. The compelling first-hand tales detailed in Explore East Idaho were authored by an expert staff with experience across the outdoor industry, from boating to snowmobiling to environmental cons

Road Trip Essentials

Idaho Falls is a central hub within East Idaho for recreational opportunities.

Summer Activities in Eastern Idaho

June is always a time of exploration and play. It's a time to relax, wander, and try new things.

Tight Line Media and Toyota Partner for New Wildlife Film

The Chase of a Lifetime is in Bear Country. Join the Expedition.

Home Water

From first-timers to paddlers experienced enough to help first-timers, here’s how to safely float our home water from north to south through Idaho Falls.

Seed Season

The Gem State is the nation’s top potato producer generating one third of the potatoes produced in the United States.

Find A Way

Hike Craters at sunrise. Paddle Meadow Lake on a Tuesday. Fish Tincup at last light. Sleep in the backcountry. Sit high in the country. Eat trailside. This is how we find a way to enjoy our natural resources with the ever-growing crush of crowd that’s sta

Fit n Fill

This is how to properly fit and fill your pack before you put it on your back.

Gear Review

Here’s EIO’s 2022 gear roundup.