East Idaho Outdoors


Take a weekend off or plan your summer early with these scenic camping locations throughout Eastern Idaho.

Idaho Falls Earth Day Celebration

The Idaho Falls Earth Day Celebration will continue to bring people together from our local community again this year as a virtual event.

Drop In

If you’ve never been, go. If you’ve already been, go again. Darby Canyon, just outside of Driggs, offers hikers a double whammy at the end.

Sound Waves

Road trips are all about the sights—what you see at lookouts, in the woods and on the river.

Dead Drift

Lytle Denny walks with sincere purpose, shaded from the high-elevation sun.

Yellowstone’s Back Door

More than 4 million people visit Yellowstone National Park annually. They arrive by the busload and enter through one of five entrances set up in Wyoming and Montana.

Gear N Garb

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in this year’s gear roundup. Dig around in this grab bag of garb.

Take the Tenk

Fly rods have three parts: rod, line, reel. Tenkara rods have two parts: rod and line. No reel.

2021 Middle Ground

Can you name this place? Compete for your chance to win East Idaho Outdoor prizes,

Looking Ahead: April 2021 Sneak Peek

Wondering what’s coming next month? The theme of Idaho Falls Magazine’s April issue is East Idaho Outdoors!

More Shared Use Pathways Coming Soon to Idaho Falls!

The City of Idaho Falls is pleased to announce that phases 1 and 2 of the Idaho Canal Trail project will begin this spring.

Road Trip of the Month: Scouting Historical Markers

Have you noticed the simple brown signs off our state's highways with yellow writing and a greenish silhouette of Idaho?

Playing in the Park

Idaho Falls offers over a dozen parks and outdoor facilities for you to use whenever you want some sunshine and exercise.

Wild Swan Chase

When he went to work early the morning of Nov. 11, little did KC Crump realize that in a matter of hours he would be working up a sweat chasing a wild, potentially injured tundra swan through the sagebrush.

Waterfalls of Southern Idaho

One of the best things about Southern Idaho is the abundant amounts of nature that surrounds the area.

Meet Mantis

The mantis uses one ear and two 3D eyes to search your yard for food and mates. It’s eager for both in the fall, sometimes at the same time.

Signing Off

Through elections and earthquakes, fires and floods, 9-11 and COVID-19, Karole Honas is the anchor you know for your news.

Sky’s the Limit

Comet Neowise is soaring by at a safe distance of 64 million miles this week. One of the best places on our planet to view it just happens to be a stone's throw from Idaho Falls.

Summer Paradise on the Henry’s Fork

Some adventures take you into exotic new territory. Others simply celebrate the best of your own extended backyard. Just 72 miles north of town, you can have a perfect mix of both, courtesy of one of Idaho Falls’ top summertime destinations: Harriman Stat