East Idaho Outdoors

Wild Swan Chase

When he went to work early the morning of Nov. 11, little did KC Crump realize that in a matter of hours he would be working up a sweat chasing a wild, potentially injured tundra swan through the sagebrush.

Waterfalls of Southern Idaho

One of the best things about Southern Idaho is the abundant amounts of nature that surrounds the area.

Meet Mantis

The mantis uses one ear and two 3D eyes to search your yard for food and mates. It’s eager for both in the fall, sometimes at the same time.

Signing Off

Through elections and earthquakes, fires and floods, 9-11 and COVID-19, Karole Honas is the anchor you know for your news.

Sky’s the Limit

Comet Neowise is soaring by at a safe distance of 64 million miles this week. One of the best places on our planet to view it just happens to be a stone's throw from Idaho Falls.

Summer Paradise on the Henry’s Fork

Some adventures take you into exotic new territory. Others simply celebrate the best of your own extended backyard. Just 72 miles north of town, you can have a perfect mix of both, courtesy of one of Idaho Falls’ top summertime destinations: Harriman Stat

Ride the Hiawatha Today

Remnants of mining also linger on the line. So do the tracks, sort of. That’s what you’re biking for 15 miles through 10 train tunnels and seven towering trestles. It’s an amazing ride, the Hiawatha. It’s one of the nation’s best and most beautiful rail

EIO Middle Ground Contest Winner Announced

Watch Kris Millgate select the winner of our East Idaho Outdoor Contest!

Llama Land

There are three kinds of llamas. The kind you eat. The kind you wear. The kind that carries stuff.

Biking with Freedom

Are you looking for a way to make the most of your time while hitting trails, parks, and more this summer? A specialized ebike is the way to go if you’re looking to cover more land than you ever have before.

Learning in the Great Outdoors

Wading in a stream, scrambling over lava rock, snowshoeing and cross country skiing might sound like recreational opportunities, but for students in Dr. Eliezer Schwarz’s Ecology course at Idaho State University in Idaho Falls, they are an integral part o

Gear N Garb

Equipment with dual-purpose potential means you pack less for your next road trip leaving more space for friends and/or family to join you. Here are four new dual-purpose products to add to your packing list. Pack them once, use them more than once.

Along for the Ride

Jessica Cobbley loves preparing others for the ride of their lives. In her work at Idaho National Laboratory, Cobbley works as an Advanced Test Reactor e-learning technologist. She spends her days finding ways to incorporate new technology like virtual a


Sixty-two percent of Idaho is public land managed by the federal government for the people. That’s more than half of the state open for all to use…as long as there’s a way in

The Strut

Kris Millgate shares what it's like watching birds in the desert.

The Curlew

There’s a deep crevice in southern Idaho. It’s a miniature Grand Canyon cut through grassland instead of red rock. The creek banks are so severe, they’re cut deeper than two men tall and continue to erode every time rain falls.

Your Guide to Winter Mountain Adventure

The Eastern Idaho Snowmobile Guide covers the best of trails and riding areas around the region.

Where Paws Meet Powder

Head up to Ashton for the 103rd American Dog Derby, set for Feb. 14-15.

Time For Tex

Three years after the wildfire, it’s time to check on Tex.

The Ultimate Winter Block Party

It's the perfect time for a road trip to Teton Valley as area artisans transform the Driggs city plaza into a dazzling public art display.