East Idaho Outdoors

Hop On a High Desert Adventure

From the Emmy-nominated journalist Kris Millgate comes a high desert adventure with the largest grouse in North America.

Outdoor Gear Review

Weather-ready apparel plus knives and other accessories for outdoor activities from glasses on your eyes to glassing the hills.

6 Pet-Friendly Trails with the Snake River Animal Shelter

Whether you're a local looking for a new adventure or a visitor seeking pet-friendly escapades, Idaho Falls has a plethora of trails to explore with your beloved pets.

1,000 Hours Outside

Explore some of photographer's, Tatiana Crandall's, favorite destinations in the region to get some more time outdoors.

Born to Fish: Jimmy Gabettas

Former owner of Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler, Jimmy Gabettas, is well known in the community for his passion for fly fishing.

Middle Ground: Name the Place

Name this lake for a chance to win.

Clean Camp

In matching khakis and t-shirts with bear spray holstered on their hips, the Kuffer’s walk through a campground in Island Park.

Celebrating a Decade of East Idaho Outdoors

Celebrating a Decade of East Idaho Outdoors with Outdoor Journalist, Kris Millgate

Middle vs. Main

Comparing two iconic Idaho raft rides by outdoor journalist, Kris Millgate.

Snow Place Like Home

Discover Gateway Parks, a family-friendly attraction allows families and friends to snow tube, snowboard, or ski during the winter months.

Destinations for the Fall

Enjoy the fall colors at these four destinations in East Idaho:

Tight Line Media, Toyota, Four Wheel Campers and Raymond James Premiere New Wildlife Film

From the Emmy-nominated journalist who documented disappearing salmon across the Northwest, comes the chase of a lifetime in the new wildlife film, On Grizzly Ground.

Idaho Falls Bike Social at Gem Lake Bike Park Sept. 17

It’s time to get on those bikes for the annual Idaho Falls Bike Social at Gem Lake Bike Park on Sept. 17.

Snake River Ferry

SINCE ITS TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY TRANSFORMATION from a tumbling cascade into a beautiful (albeit semi manufactured) waterfall, our city’s namesake has been a magnet for locals and tourists alike.

Idaho After Dark

IN THE MORE ABLE-BODIED CHAPTERS OF MY LIFE, I did my best to rise early on summer Saturday mornings and hit the trails to shoot pictures, or hoof it around the local golf courses, or maybe stomp along the streambanks in search of trout.

East Idaho Community Photo Contest

Got a great photo to share for the Idaho Falls Magazine’s Annual East Idaho Community Photo Contest? Send it our way by May 1st, 2024!

White Waterin'

Idaho is known for its winter wonderland. And that means one thing comes in spring and summer: water.

Boating Destinations

To help provide boaters in our region with some real local options, we’ve come up with five popular lakes to consider.

Mama's Gotta Cach 'Em All

I am is a mom of five young kids who loves connecting with them and trying to keep up with their likes and dislikes. We love to walk around Idaho Falls playing Pokémon Go!

Shredding Snow

Snow was one of the things I was most excited about when I first moved to Idaho Falls. It took me sometime, but this year, I finally found my footing when it comes to enjoying the snow.