Oompa Loompa Orange

Published online: Mar 06, 2020 Articles
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I’m a transplant to Idaho Falls. As such, one of my favorite past-times is watching how people react when I tell them I’m from Florida. The range of reactions always keeps me on my toes.

However, the reaction that brings me immeasurable amusement is when the person I’m greeting simply stares at me questioningly. I suppose that I can at least safely assume that, thanks to my gender, those surprised looks aren’t from anyone assuming I fit into one of hundreds of Florida Man headlines. (If you don’t know what Flordia Man is then I highly recommend reserving time to fall down a rabbit hole through that Google search.) 

All the same, it brings a bright grin to my lips as I watch them try to put two and two together, the wheels in their brain spinning as they think, How is this girl from Florida? Isn’t that supposed to be the land of bikinis and spray-tans?

These strangers aren’t wrong in assuming I don’t fit the Florida mold. With pale skin that never tans, ever, I’ve reached a certain level of acceptance. Pale is better than the bright, Oompa Loompa orange my skin turns with spray tans. 

Even though I don’t fit the Florida mold it will always be the place I’m from. I’d predict that many of you share the same relationship with Idaho Falls. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Yellowstone enthusiast, Kelly Canyon skier, or a frequent jogger of the Riverwalk. No matter your interest or appearance, it is what it is. Idaho Falls is where you’re from.

However, deciding to call a place your home is an entirely different matter. There are a thousand definitions for home. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines home as “one’s place of residence.” Simple and to the point. Idaho Falls is our home because it is where we are presently choosing, for one reason or another, to live our lives.   

Although that is the beginning of the definition of home, for me it means a lot more. It means that this is the place I’ve chosen to build my life -- to build friendships, to decorate my home, to grow my career and most importantly to find joy.

My definition of home leaves a lack of permanence. With friends entering and exiting and trends changing, life takes up a much different physical appearance, just like the inner-makings of my home as time passes.

Our East Idaho Home & Garden issue is always shifting as new trends grow in Idaho Falls. As more transplants like me integrate into the area, a diverse range of designs, techniques and opinions emerge. Even if we like things to stay the same, seasons change. We hope you find something in this issue that’ll brighten your perspective during the final portion of this winter season, even if that’s only laughing about the editor that once almost turned herself Oompa Loompa orange.

If you would like to read more of our March issue click here!


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