Springtime on the Trails

6 stunning recreational routes around the region

Published online: Mar 30, 2020 Articles I.F. Magazine Staff
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As the sun begins to shine in eastern Idaho, a steady ache begins to form to get outdoors. After months cooped inside, it’s time to get out and explore. One of the best ways to get the adventure bug out of your system while staying somewhat local is through exploring nearby trails. IFM staff has compiled a few of their favorite trails and pathways to help you kick off your spring.            

Idaho Falls Greenbelt

This trail right by historic downtown sits along both sides of the Snake River, giving walkers and bikers a chance to enjoy nature and catch a glimpse at some of the more urban landscape of Idaho Falls. Paths also lead to access to the Idaho Falls Disc Golf Course at Freeman Park. 

Address: 434 S Capitol Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Length: 11 miles

Difficulty Level: Easy


Hell's Half Acre Lava Field 

Want to pretend you’re on a vacation in Hawaii? Go and enjoy a long walk at Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field. You’ve passed it frequently during your trips to Salt Lake City, but it is worth taking the time to explore the lava rocks that formed for an eruption that occured 4,100 years ago.

Address: Rest Area off I-15

Length: Various trail lengths

Difficulty Level: Easy/Intermediate


Lava Idaho Centennial Trail 

Hike up this old mining trail to the “L” that looks over Lava Hot Springs before heading over to the springs for a refreshing dip. You’ll want to pack some hiking shoes for this trip, but the view from the top will be well worth the work to get to the top.

Address: 359 Main St, Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246

Length: 2.2 miles

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Upper Palisades Lake

Plan for a full day to spend exploring Upper Palisades Lake. The trail is lengthy, but relatively flat until the second half. This trail provides plenty of sights and leads to some great fishing holes and swim spots (and further up, even a waterfall). Make sure to pack your bear spray, snacks and plenty of water.

Address: Palisades Creek Rd, Irwin, ID 83428

Length: 14.4 miles

Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Difficult


North Menan Butte (R Mountain)

This is an especially popular hike for students of Brigham Young University -- Idaho. The “R” on the side of the mountain used to represent the former name of the university, Rick College, but now simply stands for Rexburg. The buttes are extinct volcanoes, giving hikers a fun scenery to explore and learn from.

Address: 1099 N 3600 E, Menan, ID 83434

Length: Various trail lengths

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


Darby Wind Cave 

Waterfalls, a cave, spectacular views -- this is another hike that seems to have everything one could think to wish for. This hike will keep you entertained the entire way. Be aware that the wind caves require serious experience and equipment if you plan on experiencing them deeply, but even reaching the entrance is satisfying for many adventurers. 

Address: Darby Canyon Rd, Alta, WY 83414

Length: 5.4 miles

Difficulty Level: Intermediate/Difficult



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