Arts & Culture

Pugsslane Art Alley

IDAHO FALLS IS HOME TO SOME PRETTY BRILLIANT GEMS, even beyond the semi-precious variety. One of these is the downtown art alley Pugsslane at 352 B St.

Partners in Paint

Jim Pletscher and Gibby Smede have teamed up to keep downtown looking sharp and clean.

Keeping up with Jim Pletscher

THE NEXT TIME you take a walk in Historic Downtown Idaho Falls, pay special attention to how clean it is.

A Picture-Perfect Place to Work & Live

For proof in the pudding, just take a look at the East Idaho Community Photo Contest, presented by Idaho Falls Magazine.

A History of Arts and Opportunity

For those interested in the arts, history and the concept of lifelong learning, Idaho Falls provides an extraordinary range of opportunities.

Summer Activities in Eastern Idaho

June is always a time of exploration and play. It's a time to relax, wander, and try new things.

Save the Idaho Art Lab!

The Idaho Art Lab has until May 31, to raise the $350,000 to buy their building, or it will be sold.

Join the Club

Whether you’re a young artist looking to expand your palette, a seasoned professional or a person who simply appreciates art, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the Idaho Falls arts community.