Restaurants on the Radar

Despite the calamity of the pandemic, our local businesses have still been supported by the community, and new places to dine have continued to pop up. Here are some new and reopened establishments near you.

A Hankering for Spring

One of my favorite springtime flavors is lemon and it is the star of this poppy seed bread.

Taco Tuesday

Whether it’s Tuesday or another work day, finding the perfect taco is a worthy pursuit for any Idaho Falls resident.

The Cubano

It has shredded pork, deli ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and dill pickles all piled on a crusty bread and then grilled like a panini until it all melts together -- meet Chef Jessica's version of El Cubano.

Cheesy Pretzel Bite Skillet

Whether you're with friends or alone with family this game day, we have the perfect recipe for you.

Prepp’d for Success

There’s a new business in town! Prepp'd is cooking up big things off of Hitt Road in Ammon.

Christmas Memories and Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is a must for any winter activity! I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite holiday recipes, my homemade stovetop hot cocoa.

Order Up!

Whether you’re looking to dine in or order out, searching for your local bar or a seafood restaurant to celebrate your latest accomplishment, we have something for you.

A Cup of Passion

In 2005, Villa Coffeehouse opened in Downtown Idaho Falls. 15 years later, the coffeehouse is a staple to the area, both because of its coffee and because of the calming aesthetic of the dining area

Thanksgiving Samosas

What is Chef Jessica cooking? Samosas are dough filled with potatoes, peas, onions and spices, then deep fried till golden brown.

A World of Good Eats

Did you know you can travel across the world in Downtown Idaho Falls? Restaurants across downtown provide the Idaho Falls community to escape the rut of everyday life and become immersed in a variety of cultures.

Pizza... on the Grill!

Grilled Pizza. It requires a little bit of prep, but at the very least – you get to cook it outside on the grill! Cleanup is easy, and you don’t have to heat up the oven.

Let’s Make it to MarCellar’s!

Established in 1995, this quaint Park Avenue shop and mini-bar carries a mind-blowing selection of wines and beers—from near and afar.

Eats Around the River

From the north end of Lindsay Blvd. to the western edge of Historic Downtown, there are at least a dozen or so great restaurants that surround the Idaho Falls Riverwalk.

Coming Full Circle

Serva and his team are pushing forward to offer the best service and freshly made foods to the Idaho Falls community.

New Digs for Diablas Kitchen

If you haven’t already sampled it for yourself, one of our city’s finest little homestyle restaurants has just made a colossal move.

Pizza Paninis

Craving something warm and comforting as we get back into the school year routine?

Appetite for Success

Several new restaurants opened this past year, giving downtown Idaho Falls more diversity in its food scene.

‘Come As You Are’

The frustrating reality of the “New Normal” has taken its toll, but it has also spurred a wave of diligence and ingenuity — especially in the service industries. For some great evidence of that forward-looking spirit, look no further than Stockman’s Resta

Sweet Spots

Next time you’re craving something sweet, consider one of these places, because hey, everyone deserves a cheat day. Or two. Here are the top sweet spots in Idaho Falls.