Tips for Working From Home

Ways to up build your efficiency

Published online: Mar 23, 2020 Articles I.F. Magazine Staff
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IDAHO FALLS -- There’s been a surge of workers moving their offices home. Although this is a temporary change, it is going to require some patience. Change doesn’t come easily for most of us, but luckily it is possible. We’ve gathered some tips in hopes of making the adjustment just a little bit easier for Idaho Falls residents (and people from all around the world).


  • Dress the part.

  • Pretend like it’s a regular work day.

  • Follow a schedule.

  • Dedicate a space to your work.

  • Make it difficult to access distractions.

  • Plan out what you’ll be doing that day, whether you take a few minutes that morning or the day before to get yourself on track. 

  • Create a relaxing playlist to help match the mood of the task at hand.

  • End at your chosen time with few exceptions.


  • Forget to take breaks. 

  • Put off your work till the last minute.

  • Work from your bed.

  • Allow others to disrupt your routine (unless it’s the kids, there isn’t much you can do about that).

  • Forget to continue communicating with your co-workers.

  • Be too hard on yourself.

  • Continue to do things that don’t work for you.


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