Healthy Homeownership

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Homeownership is exciting, challenging and wonderful. It is a solid investment, that on a year after year average, continuously appreciates. It’s an excellent way to diversify your financial portfolio.

Thinking Ahead

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A dedicated group of gardeners has found a way to make those days more productive and tolerable by offering free organic gardening classes.

Beautifying Your Patio

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No matter your budget, anyone can create a beautiful space that invites those you love to sit and visit.

Educating Before You Buy

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Selling a home can be taxing and can leave you worrying about pricing your home correctly, an uphill battle we are all fighting as prices continue to increase and more buyers flood the local Southeast Idaho market.

Falling in Love with Your Home

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An interesting thing has happened over the past few months in Southeastern Idaho as we adjust to a new way of life and an ever changing landscape in all markets from real estate to stocks; we have started to rediscover the things that matter most.

Growing for Victory

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This year, Eagle Rock Nursery started a campaign to bring back victory gardens to help feed our local communities, teach gardeners of all ages about food and boost our sense of community.

Cutting the ‘Cost of Cold’

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Idaho Falls Power offers a few quick tips for saving energy, saving money and staying comfortable during the cold winter months.

Old Structure, New Era

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Historic gem finds new life in the heart of downtown.

What to Know Before it Snows

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City outlines its 2019-2020 snow removal procedures and notifications.

This Weekend: Idaho Falls Fall Home Expo

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The inaugural Idaho Falls Home Expo is coming to the Pinecrest Event Center Oct 25-26 with the latest in home products and decor.

Healthy Meal Prepping with Citrus Pear

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McKenzie Rockwood's Citrus Pear runs successfully throughout Utah and Idaho, bringing healthy meals to hundreds of families.

Not Just Another SmartAsset Opinion

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2019 online study puts Idaho on top for home ownership.

Home Show Set for Fri-Sat

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Ready to kick your home-and-landscape aspirations into gear for 2019? Mark your calendar for March 15-16 for the 4th Annual Home Show at Pinecrest Events Center.

Organic Gardening Unites a Community in Idaho Falls

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From greenhorns to green thumbs, the Idaho Falls Community Garden Association connects local gardening enthusiasts with likeminded people.

More Bang for Your Wallet

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Idaho residents pay an average of $343.71 for utilities per month, making us No. 1 on the list of least expensive utilities in the nation.

At Home in Idaho

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The Gem State is a great place for homeowners looking to make a profit on their home investment. But hey, don't take our word for it...

Clean & Green Citywide Cleanup Begins

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The perfect opportunity for residents to dispose of unwanted items.

Perennial Questions

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Can you correctly identify these perennials commonly found in local gardens? Submit your answers for a chance to have your own garden featured in an upcoming issue!.

Get Growing!

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2018 Organic Gardening Classes from the Idaho Falls Community Garden Association are free and open to the public

Branching Out After New Year's

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! How do we get rid of thee?