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Celebrating a Decade of East Idaho Outdoors

Lookout: The Editor Speaks

Published online: Apr 02, 2024 East Idaho Outdoors Kris Millgate
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The first edition of East Idaho Outdoors rolled off the printer and into your mailbox in the spring of 2014. Harris Publishing created the title. I created the stories and the slogan: “The Gem State from Rivers to Ridges”. The cover on that first issue was an angler silhouetted by sun and steam on eastern Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake River. The next spring, a dog made the cover as part of a decade of covers featuring ATVs, climbers, campers, wildlife and wild land.

My favorite cover landed in your hands in fall 2015. That was back when the magazine was published bi-annually in spring and fall. Now it’s a special issue delivered to you in the April edition of Idaho Falls Magazine.

The Fall 2015 cover is my favorite because it was my first cover-worthy image and my last high-risk attempt to hang over a cliff in country not fit for humans. I did it for a photo of a mountain goat. That cover image was so hard to earn, shredded boots and ripped vest, that I had it printed on something more permanent than paper. It hangs in my house on a poster-sized canvas.

The fall 2015 issue is Millgate’s favorite cover. Look for other 10-year favorites throughout this anniversary issue.

What I hope East Idaho Outdoors does for you is also more permanent than paper. From rivers to ridges, I want you to connect with Idaho’s natural resources however you decide is best for your body. Outside is for everyone. So is this magazine.

Here’s to another decade outdoors

-Kris Millgate


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