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Middle Ground: Name the Place

Published online: Apr 03, 2024 East Idaho Outdoors
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Name this lake for a chance to win:

$500 Gift Certificate to Idaho Mountain Trading

3 clues for improving your odds:

  1. Straddles state border

  2. Monster myth

  3. Cisco

Send entry to:


Mail: East Idaho Outdoors

520 Park Ave. 

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Please include your email address and phone number for winner notification.

Entry Deadline: June 21, 2024

Drawing Date: June 28, 2024

Random winner drawn via video by EIO editor Kris Millgate.

Congratulations Russell Hulse, random winner of the Middle Ground contest in the 2023 issue of East Idaho Outdoors. Russell identified Hells Canyon. He won a $500 spending spree at Idaho Mountain Trading.

East Idaho Outdoors 10 Year Anniversary 

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

April 2018

This image is my 10-year favorite for our Middle Ground Contest because it’s so contradictory. The lighting is stormy turbulence yet it’s so calm the sand isn’t shifting. Plus, the dunes are heavily motorized yet they are completely void of movement in this one moment. Tracks made by Mother Nature instead of man. You don’t see that very often. I laid up to my elbows in sand to shoot this.” 

-Kris Millgate, EIO editor


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