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Snow Place Like Home

Published online: Jan 02, 2024 Discover Idaho Falls, East Idaho Outdoors
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As snow sweeps the region, the winter blues set in. Luckily for us, East Idaho is filled with outdoor recreation that helps us combat the winter blues.

Snowboarding, skiing, sledding and snow-tubing are the popular weapons of choice. And although many of the winter recreational activities are solely available at resorts, Idaho Falls now has a new resource for winter fun.

Enter Gateway Parks—the gateway to experiencing a resort with more affordability and accessibility.

Gateway Parks is a snow-tubing hill that opened in December of 2023. This family-friendly attraction allows families and friends to snow tube, snowboard, or ski during the winter months.

Snow tubing is a thrilling experience, to say the least. The tubing course at the park is groomed to perfection and packed with man-made snow, so no matter the weather, you can enjoy tubing. “Our snow tubes are specifically designed to go down a course like ours,” said Emme Tulloch, Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Parks. “It’s safer because you get to sink into the tube versus a sled where you just hang on.”

Each snow-tubing session lasts an hour and a half, offering sessions from open to close daily. “We have found this to be the perfect amount of time,” Emme said. “This way, we can limit how many people are on the hill so you get to go down more times than just waiting in line for longer.”

Coupled with the snow-tubing hill is the option to snowboard or ski at no cost. “The revenue from tubing is what allows us to offer snowboarding and skiing for free,” Emme said.

And while the snow-tubing sessions are limited, the option to snowboard or ski is available all day with no time limit. “You can show up, snowboard and stay as long as you want. You are also welcome to be at the park as long as you want.”

To complete this exciting experience, the park has a concession stand that sells hot chocolate, coffee, soda, chips, candy and freshly made candied waffles and crepes.

The inspiration behind the park came from the want to offer the community a more accessible option for winter recreation. “It’s expensive to travel up to a resort and get all the gear, and your kids don’t usually want to stay at a resort learning for a long time,” Emme said. “That’s the inspiration for why we are doing this.”

We want to make it a great experience for everyone.”

Visit to book your session.


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