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Melaleuca rewards 230 employees with $2.8 million in longevity bonuses

Published online: Nov 21, 2017 Articles, East Idaho Business
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As most successful business professionals know all too well, financial well-being isn't about short-term gains. It's about consistency and hard work over the long haul.

For definite proof of that philosophy, look no further than one of the region's largest and most successful employers, stationed right here in our own backyard.

Melaleuca, Inc., has recently rewarded 230 employees who have reached landmark anniversaries this year by giving them $2.8 million in loyalty and longevity bonuses during the company’s annual meeting. These bonuses were distributed to 180 employees from Idaho Falls and Rexburg, Idaho, 45 from Knoxville, Tenn., 3 from Hawaii and 2 from Puerto Rico.

Melaleuca pays $5,000 on a five-year anniversary, $10,000 at 10 years, $15,000 at 15 years, $20,000 net (which is a total payment of $33,361) at 20 years, $25,000 at 25 years and $30,000 at 30 years. 

$23 Million Paid in Longevity Bonuses Since 2007

In total, Melaleuca has paid $23 million since instituting the program in 2007.  This bonus is for all full- and part-time employees, regardless of position or pay level, and an employee’s length of service is the only qualification. 

This year, 28 employees received $25,000 checks; 16 received a $20,000 net check ($33,361); 27 received $15,000 checks; 88 received 10,000 checks; and 71 received $5,000 checks.

“I think it’s great that we’re going through life together," Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot said while handing out checks to the 25-year employees. "It’s important to reward the people who have built Melaleuca, and this bonus serves as a token of our appreciation for their years of dedicated service.”

Melaleuca’s generosity did not go unnoticed. Roger Prestwich, a senior director of engineering, expressed his gratitude for the company and shared his recruitment story to Melaleuca twenty five years ago.

“Of course, I’m thankful for this $25,000 check,” Prestwich said onstage,” but I’m also grateful for the little things that make our company great. The benefits and 401(k) package, our paid time off, and our day-to-day work that has incredible meaning in the world. Thanks to Melaleuca, I’ve taken a couple of free cruises, an all-expense paid trip to Mexico, and I just returned from a weeklong vacation with Frank and Belinda VanderSloot where we reminisced about the early days.”

Retire as a Millionaire

VanderSloot created the loyalty & longevity bonus program so every employee who spends their career with Melaleuca can have in excess of $1 million in the bank when they retire from Melaleuca.

“It’s our goal that all Melaleuca employees will retire as millionaires,” VanderSloot said. “Even the janitors will retire as millionaires if they simply follow our program.”

Every 30-year employee has the opportunity to save over $1 million for retirement from Melaleuca. An employee would only need to take advantage of the company’s 401(k) matching program, invest the longevity bonuses, and achieve a modest rate of return on that investment.


Teaching employees to save

Prior to the celebration, Melaleuca Chief Information Officer Todd Sorenson met with employees who would receive the bonus. He counseled them to save for retirement, advising them not to be one of the 36 percent of Americans don’t save anything for retirement.

“The best way to save for the future is to start now,” Sorenson said. “It might be small at first, but over time your investments will compound and add up. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities that Melaleuca provides.”

Building careers, internal promotion

During the annual meeting, Melaleuca’s Chief Operations Officer Cole Clinger highlighted Melaleuca’s employee culture, the average length of time that employees remain with the company, and how Melaleuca’s explosive growth positively benefits its employees.

 In addition to discussing the recipe for employees to be successful at Melaleuca, such as becoming a student of the business, having a strong work ethic and being passionate about helping other people, Clinger pointed out that Melaleuca employees are very loyal to the company.

Currently, the average tenure for all Melaleuca’s employees is 6.8 years, but that figure includes hundreds of call center employees attending college in Rexburg, Idaho. If you were to statistically remove that group of associates, Melaleuca’s average length of service is approximately 8 years.  

Helping employees build promising careers, Melaleuca has made more than 677 promotions over the last 24 months, Clinger said. The company averages more than one employee promotion per business day.

“We’ve had cooks become analysts, forklift drivers develop into scientists, and manufacturing and call center line associates become vice presidents,” said Clinger. “Their stories are not the exception. Melaleuca actively trains and develops employees and then promotes them to different positions based on their talent and potential.”

Melaleuca also pays its employees many other types of incentives based on performance and productivity. In addition to the company’s loyalty and long-term contribution bonus, Melaleuca offers many very unique perks and benefits that can be found on the Melaleuca jobs website.

Source: Melaleuca, Inc.


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