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7k Metals: A Rising Star in Idaho Falls 

By Ben Watson

Published online: Jun 13, 2024 East Idaho Business
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From its global headquarters in Idaho Falls, 7k Metals is quietly but strongly revolutionizing the precious metals industry.

Founded in 2016 by a quartet of entrepreneurs—Josh Anderson, Zach Davis, Roger Ball, and Richard Hansen—7k has emerged as one of the latest rising stars in the Idaho Falls area, blending global ambition with deep community roots.

In a region known for its gateway-to-Yellowstone tourism and agricultural heritage, 7k Metals is turning heads as it infuses the timeless allure of gold and silver with an innovative business twist.

A New Paradigm in Precious Metals

Launched nearly a decade ago, the founders of 7k envisioned a precious metals platform that democratizes access to gold and silver and integrated the appeal of rare coins into a broader strategy of financial empowerment, education, and additional benefits to enrich customers' lives.

The inception and evolution of 7k have marked a departure from traditional precious metals buying, carving out a niche that offers a comprehensive suite of products and services extending beyond precious metals. This includes access to healthcare plans and an expansive rewards program with discounts on travel, household items, and essential goods and services.

In essence, 7k has crafted a holistic journey in the realm of precious metals.

"At 7k, we're not just about precious metals; we're shaping a new paradigm where education, community, and financial empowerment converge," Co-Founder Zach Davis stated. "Our mission is to make the potential of gold and silver accessible to all, alongside presenting other benefits and services that enrich the lives of our community.”

Exclusive Coin Collections

Among 7k’s diverse offerings, access to the company’s exclusive, limited-edition coin collections, designed by commissioned artists, is a highlight, and for many, the most exciting part of their 7k experience. The company regularly releases these distinctive collections, with enthusiastic customer responses often leading to rapid sell-outs. Notable recent releases include the “An American Life” coin collection designed by Miles Standish, celebrating U.S. President John F. Kennedy, and “Archeology and Symbolism,” featuring coins adorned with iconic figures like King Tutankhamun and the great Vairochana Buddha.

"I’ve been collecting coins for decades, and on top of their quick and reliable shipping and the value of the soundmoney wallet, I absolutely love learning about and stacking 7k collectible coins,” customer Dr. Saleem Ameer Hakim said. “It’s been a game-changer for me!"

An Economic Force in East Idaho

While 7k garners global attention from customers and industry players, its positive impact on the local community is notable. With its global headquarters in Idaho Falls—a city twice recognized by the Milken Institute as No. 1 for economic growth among small cities in America—7k adds a new dimension to the region's growth story. This highlights the diverse economic fabric of the area, extending beyond agriculture, tourism, retail, education, and nuclear research achievements.

With over 80,000 enrolled members and shipping to customers in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Mexico, 7k Metals showcases how local businesses can look beyond Idaho and flourish internationally. And even as it experiences robust international growth, 7k remains rooted in east Idaho, adding to the region's prosperity and setting an example for future Idaho-based businesses to look to.

"We’ve witnessed phenomenal growth and tremendous success, and Idaho Falls is the ideal location for our global headquarters," Davis remarked. "Supported by an outstanding workforce, an exceptional team in the field, and an unparalleled local community, we're unquestionably in the right place."


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