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Summer Sips

Published online: Jun 10, 2024 Articles
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Java Espress Lemonade 

Java Espress is well-known for its coffees, smoothies and sodas, but the one item that keeps calling us back is the lemonade. This sweet drink is served iced or blended and pairs perfectly with a long day in the sun. 

1250 W Broadway St. | 208-552-7664

1510 E 17th St. | 208-525-5269

2139 E 17th St. | 208-552-5282

745 E Anderson St. | 208-523-2750

Pick Me Up Sun-Kissed

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a cold drink from Pick Me Up. Their Sun-Kissed flavor is a seasonal drink made with peach red bull, blackberry, raspberry puree and vanilla cream. And if red bull isn’t your thing, they have other summery flavor combinations on the menu.

900 Pancheri Dr. | 208-709-9857

1600 S Woodruff Ave. 208-709-9857

3378 Clearview Ln. | 208-709-9857

2758 E Sunnyside Rd.  | 208-709-9857

The Bee’s Knees Coconut Italian Soda 

You can’t go wrong with any of the drinks at the Bee’s Knees, but we’re crazy for their coconut Italian soda. And if you’re really craving coconut, the Italian soda is superb with the coconut shrimp in the Buzzin’ Shrimp Trio. 

850 Lindsay Blvd. | 208-875-2171

The Nice Spot Watermelon Summer Refresher

Nothing screams summer more than watermelon. This ice-cold and hydrating refresher from The Nice Spot hits the spot on a hot day. 

395 Lindsay Blvd. | 208-541-4876


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