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Last-Minute Photographer

Following an East Idaho bride on her wedding day

Published online: Nov 16, 2021 Articles, Lifestyle, wedding Emily FitzPatrick
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It was a week before her wedding when the worst of the worst happened. Marlee lost her photographer. Due to circumstances beyond her control, this soon-to-be East Idaho bride was on the hunt for someone other than the person she had originally chosen to capture the special moments, which only occur once throughout your lifetime. It was when Marlee was in the throes of her search that we reconnected years after first meeting as roommates at Brigham Young University-Idaho and I became the last minute photographer for her wedding.

For anyone who hasn’t been in this position before, even as a semi-experienced photographer, it can be intimidating to act as a wedding photographer. There are so many chances for things to go wrong, between the potential for equipment to malfunction to bad weather to that one grandmother with a camcorder stepping between yourself and the perfect shot. 

Despite the many obstacles they face, photographers and other vendors are able to make their work look effortless when doing their job correctly. However, they also have the potential to make or break your day. We’ve compiled some tips to help you make the right choices for yourself as your special day draws closer.

Low Budget Wedding Tips

Reigning in the wedding day fever

Planning a wedding is an overwhelming task, especially if you’ve never had a hand in event planning before. Add in the need to stay within a low budget and you can find yourself pulling your hair out. Although certainly not a comprehensive list, here are four tips to get you started:

1. Outline what you want most out of your day. 

Every couple has different needs, so assessing what is most important to you, specifically, is the No. 1 thing you should take into consideration, whether you are working within tight budgetary constraints or free to shoot for the stars. Creating a list will help you to prioritize as you tackle the much bigger task ahead.

2. Consult with your family and friends. 

What did your loved ones do for their wedding day? Do they have any tricks hidden up their sleeves or help they might be willing to lend?

3. Limit the size of your party.

It’s a simple equation, less people equals less money spent. There are people you simply can’t cut, but it might be time to cross your roommate’s mom’s best friend off the list.

4. Choose the right date.

Picking a day outside of the usual wedding celebrations in the area might help you to cut costs. Many venues and vendors run deals during the winter months.

East Idaho Wedding Photographers & Videographers

A short list of locals prepared to capture every moment

Finding the right photographer is much more than finding someone you trust to take your photos. Wedding days are nerve-wracking and you will want someone who can guide you through poses with comfort and ease. Here are is just a sampling of the talent photographers and videographers who shoot locally: 


Casey James Photography

Em & Co Photography

Emily Herbert Photography

JayCee Photography

Kara Renada Creations

Kassi Irelan Photo

Kendra Sue Photography

Lexie Hall Photography

Loren Yarrington Photography

Megan Owens Photography

Miss E Studios  

Visualized by Diana


Hillary Lynette Films

Idaho Media Group

Wayfinder Photo + Video


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