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10 Must-Try Trails in and Around East Idaho

Walking for pleasure has never been as beautiful as it is in East Idaho.

Published in the April 2023 Issue Published online: Apr 07, 2023 Outdoors, Road Trips IFM Staff
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1. Cress Creek Nature Trail
Located near Ririe, the Cress Creek Nature Trail is a friendly and gentle hike around a 1.5- mile trail. Along the trail is a scenic view of the South Fork of the Snake River. Family hikes are often enjoyed on this trail because of its accessibility.

2. Harriman State Park
Harriman State Park offers visitors a handful of trails for those who like an easy trek or a challenging hike. The variety of trails creates the opportunity for hiking, biking, horseback riding or skiing, and is located near Island Park.

3. Mesa Falls
The Mesa Falls Nature Trail is a 2-mile scenic hike near Ashton. This trail is popular for birding, hiking and running. Taking about roughly 40 minutes to complete, the trail leads to a beautiful sight of the Henry’s Fork surrounded by lush forest and a picture-worthy pair of waterfalls.

4. R Mountain Trail
The North Menan Butte, otherwise known as R Mountain, is an extinct volcano that makes for a memorable hike. With a great view of the Snake River and the Snake River Valley, this trail is the perfect spot to watch the sun rise or set.

5. Hell’s Half Acre Trail
The Hell’s Half Acre Trail offers visitors two trails on a basaltic lava plain, creating a surprisingly scenic hike. Located near Blackfoot off of I-15, this trail system is the perfect spot to take a break from driving and stretch your legs. (There is also a more primitive trail system that you can access about 12 miles west of Idaho Falls en route to Arco.)

6. City Creek Trail
This gem of a trail system is located near Pocatello, offering visitors a scenic trail with a beautiful view of the mountains. This 2.9-mile  trail is popular for walking, running and hiking.

 Kelly Mountain Loop
Considered an easy route, Kelly Mountain is an out-and-back hike that covers 3.2 miles. This trail is located near Ririe and can be used to hike, run or mountain bike.

Craters of the Moon
The Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve is a popular destination for hikers as it offers a variety of trails. The monument’s volcanic landscape is unique to the area and gives visitors an adventurous experience.

9. Black Canyon Trail
The Black Canyon Trail is located near Ririe and covers 12.6 miles of trail. This trail is a good fit for those who are looking for a more challenging hike or for a day of off-roading or horseback riding.

Upper Palisades Lake Trail
A popular trail for backpacking, camping and fishing, the Upper Palisades Lake Trail is a beautiful spot to explore. Bring your family or your dogs for a weekend camping and hiking trip.


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