Healthy Vision Series with Dr. Dan Nielson

License to Respond

EIRMC and Air Idaho organize educational conference for regional EMS providers.

The Eyes Have It

How well your child sees can have a huge impact on academic performance and behavior in the classroom.

Digital Eye Strain

CVS is caused by focusing up close on computers and other digital devices for extended periods of time.

Beyond an Eye Sore

Eye emergencies can happen to anyone and should not be taken lightly as vision loss or worse could result.

Kids & Contacts

The right age for children to wear contact lenses may vary. In fact, there are special contact lenses for infants and toddlers.

Vision & Concussions

Did you know that some sports injuries can cause vision problems? If your child plays any sports, watch for these signs.

Through a Child's Eyes

Infants and toddlers can have vision problems that could interfere with development if not caught and treated properly.

Vision Therapy FAQ's

Vision therapy is a set of supervised eye exercises that strengthen your eyes and their connection to your brain.

About Dr. Dan Nielson

Serving Idaho Falls, Rigby, Shelley, Rexburg, Blackfoot and surrounding areas for vision needs beyond 20/20.