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About Dr. Dan Nielson

Welcome to Idaho Vision Development Center

Published online: May 22, 2019 Articles, Healthy Vision Series with Dr. Dan Nielson
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Dr. Daniel Nielson specializes in vision therapy and rehabilitation for all ages, including pediatric eye care. Through guided vision activities and exercises, learning disabilities are overcome to unlock potential in individual lives.

Many times a bright child struggling in school, someone labeled with dyslexia, or attention deficit problems are really overlooked vision problems. The first step in finding help is in the right diagnosis.

Often a concussion, stroke, or brain injury leaves a person with lingering symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches that worsen with reading, or double vision. A developmental evaluation is the right step to overcoming those challenges.

Vision Therapy helps by providing the proper visual skills for eye teaming, tracking and focusing that cannot be corrected with glasses, contacts, or surgery alone. This in turn will advance learning and provide confidence for success in school, work and all activities where vision is needed. Let us help you get on a path that will benefit you throughout your life.

Begin by scheduling a developmental evaluation to assess over 15 visual skills which are needed for learning and reading. A typical eye examination only checks distance vision and eye health and may miss a hidden vision problem.



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