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IFDDC Reads to Local Schools

Published online: Dec 01, 2023 Discover Idaho Falls
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Idaho Falls Downtown Development Corporation (IFDDC) visited three local  schools this week (11/28/2023 & 11/30/2023) to read a story about Santa and donate books to  the classes. On Tuesday, 11/28/2023, IFDDC visited Discovery Elementary School and Castle  Bridge Preschool to read the book and on Thursday, 11/30/2023, they visited Dora Erickson  Elementary. After reading the story, IFDDC donated a book to each of the participating classes  to keep in their classroom. 

The exciting tale is titled, The Story of Tracker Santa’s Puppy Written by Alexandra Bovill and  Created by Michael Bovill. The story introduces Santa’s new puppy, named Tracker, to the  audience. Tracker is a special puppy that can sniff out who is naughty or nice. 

This Saturday, December 2nd, from 12:00 – 3:00 you can participate in a Downtown event, Find  Santa’s Puppy! Find Santa’s Puppy is a Downtown scavenger hunt. Thirty-one stuffed animal  Tracker puppies will be hidden throughout Downtown. Begin your adventure at the Civitan  Plaza to pick up your scavenger hunt map card and instructions. Once you have the map, begin  searching for the puppies. When you find a puppy inside a business, have them mark it off on  your card! When you’ve found as many puppies as you can, head over to WeeBee Toys to turn  your card in for a prize brought from the North Pole by Santa himself! Then you can meet Santa  and tell him exactly what you want for Christmas.  

This is a free family friendly event, and all are welcome! 


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