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Shopping at Thistle Dew

Story and Photos By Maudie Heard

Published online: Nov 01, 2023 Shopping Maudie Heard
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At the heart of Downtown Idaho Falls are many one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops. Each its own special experience for shoppers to explore clothing, jewelry, books, decor, toys and many more unique items.

The handful of clothing shops brings fashionable clothes, gifts and accessory items for the fashionistas. In December of 2022, Thistle Dew opened its doors at 320 B Street, bringing more women's clothing options to downtown.

Thistle Dew sells stylish and trendy clothing, shoes and accessories and resides in the newly renovated Rogers Building.

This little clothing shop is always staying up to date with fashion trends with its weekly drops. “We rotate a lot,” owner of Thistle Dew, Naylene Huneryager, said. “We put out at least 10 new items every week and about 45 to 60 new styles each month.”

The wide-range of clothes catches your eye as soon as you walk in the shop. Clothing racks line all the way from the door to the other side of the store and are all assorted by color. Each rack is filled with styles that were hand picked to ensure high quality. “We hand pick it all,” Naylene said. “We go out of state to do it, in either Vegas or California.”

And aside from the abundance of clothing racks, there is a whole wall dedicated to stylish shoes, a table filled with bottoms and two dressing rooms. The chic styles cater to women of all ages by solely focusing on sticking with current fashion trends.

Like many women, Naylene keeps fashion and design near to her heart. Before opening nearly a year ago, Thistle Dew was online based until Naylene found a permanent location to expand the shop.

The inspiration behind Thistle Dew came from her desire to expand her creativity outlet as a graphic designer. “I felt like I needed something to channel my graphic design experience into something I could make my own and something a little more fun,” Naylene said. The online shop launched in July of 2021 with occasional pop ups and has only grown since.

And not only is Thistle Dew a fashionista’s dream come true, it is also the perfect hangout spot right in downtown. “This is somewhere you can pop in, browse or hang out if you want to,” Naylene said. The inviting atmosphere of the shop is accompanied by a small lounging section for people to visit and conversate.

Thistle Dew can only be described as a one-of-a-kind clothing boutique. Through Naylene’s passion for fashion, the shop has countless pieces that are unique and timeless that can be worn as every-day wear or for special occasions. “I just wanted to bring things that you want to keep in your closet throughout the seasons instead of having to change it out the next year,” Naylene said.

In the future, Naylene hopes that Thistle Dew will continue to expand and grow.

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