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Lovey’s Crystal Cottage Connects a Community

Published online: Oct 09, 2023 East Idaho Business, Shopping
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A love story has many tales but one thing always remains the same—connection. Love and connection are at the essence of everything, with one another and with oneself. This love story begins with the owners of Lovey’s Crystal Cottage, Linda Vaughn and long time partner, Douglas Beaty.

I love crystals,” Linda said. “I got him hooked on crystals. He kept buying and buying, and I finally had to cut him off because my house was full of them.” Through a shared love of one another and crystals, Lovey’s Crystal Cottage came to be in March of 2022, offering the wellness community a new crystal shop.

He has called me lovey for 20 plus years,” Linda said. Douglas’s term of endearment for Linda inspired the name behind the cottage and the warmth is felt as soon as you step foot inside. Many customers have expressed their adoration of the shop and described that of a “good energy” inside. “We enjoy talking with people and teaching them,” Linda said. “We have the greatest customers and they have taught us a lot as well.”

Lovey’s Crystal Cottage sells a wide collection of crystals, gems and jewelry, all from places all over the world. Each year, Linda and Douglas travel to a handful of rock shops and shows. Most significantly, The Desert Gardens International Rock, Gem and Mineral Show, the fifth biggest rock show in the world, to acquire an abundance of unique items. “We’ve been to every rock and crystal shop around here,” Linda said. “Montana, Oregon, Arizona, Utah. Everywhere.”

What makes Lovey’s one of a kind is the variation of crystals and gems. Each item carefully and thoughtfully picked and admired for their individual healing properties. The healing properties are said to be life changing and the reason why many people turn to crystals.

The metaphysical is the healing properties of it all and what the crystals can do for the person,” Linda said. “We have a lot of people who use Amethyst for their children to help them sleep at night. Or say if someone is sad from the loss of a family member, they look for something to help them with that or to gift to someone.”

Along with Amethyst, the healing properties are popular among all crystals. One of the most popular crystals is the Rose Quartz, known for being the crystal of love. A light pink crystal that is said to raise vibrations of love to those who hold onto them. “Sage and Selenite are both really popular too,” Linda said. “Sage is for cleansing your home and Selenite can be used to charge your crystals.”

Crystals hold a significant amount of meaning and to the person who holds onto them for both collective and personal reasons. “I think it’s a spectacular hobby,” Linda said. “It excites me to see the little kids come in to tell me about the crystals they’ve collected. I love that they could be doing other things but no, they’re into the crystals. I think that’s spectacular.”

Lovey’s Crystal Cottage welcomes anyone who is curious or interested in crystals with open arms. Whether you want to take up a new hobby or spend time at the cottage, Linda and Douglas are happy to be a part of the community.

This is an amazing community that we want to keep collecting, selling and sharing with.”

For more information on Lovey’s Crystal Cottage, visit their Facebook page @Lovey’s Crystal Cottage.


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