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One-of-a-Kind Jewelry for Your One-of-a-Kind Love

Alpine Jewelers reflects on their journey as they approach their 24th anniversary

Published in the March 2023 Issue Published online: Mar 04, 2023 Business Maudie Heard
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Jewelry has long been a symbol of tradition and culture in peoples’ lives, bringing them back to their best memories. Over at Alpine Jewelers, owned by Kevin and Stephanie Panter and Scott and Hollie Noble, they cherish bringing those unforgettable memories to the community.

What began as Alpine Collectibles in 1996 would become Alpine Jewelers in 1999, and today is one of the biggest jewelers in town.

Originally a kiosk in the mall, Alpine Collectibles was home to music boxes, jewelry boxes, carousels, figurines, water globes and collectible dolls. Stephanie and Hollie ran the Alpine Collectables kiosks and were an integral part in the success that led to Alpine Jewelers.

The idea for this unique collectible shop to be named Alpine came from the music boxes origins. Music boxes are small boxes that play a tune when you open the lid and were invented in Switzerland, home of the Alpine region, in the 1700s.

All four of the owners of Alpine Jewelers risked everything to become an independent jewelry store. “I can remember waking up in the middle of the night thinking, ‘What in the world did I just do?’,” Kevin said. On tax day in April of 1999, Alpine Jewelers opened their storefront to the community in the Grand Teton Mall.

 For 5 years, this jewelry store was located in the mall with only 20% of the inventory they have now. “It was through 14 to 17 years of saving and working somewhere else to have enough money to get there,” Kevin said.

Not only has the inventory significantly increased over the years, but so has business. Alpine Jewelers now has three separate locations in Ammon, Rexburg and Twin Falls.

Today Alpine Jewelers is home to the biggest jewelry showroom in East Idaho. Kevin describes the showcase as “more than half of a football field,” housing 180 feet of jewelry showcase in just the Ammon location alone.

Alpine belongs to RJO or the Retail Jewelry Organization, the largest group of independent buying jewelers in the nation that guarantees payment to the manufacturers. It consists of more than 1000 jewelers nationwide and Alpine Jewelers is in the top 10 in purchasing in that group. Enabling Alpine Jewelers to buy with massive buying power, remain locally owned and provide some of the best prices on fine jewelry you’ll find anywhere.

Alpine Jewelers offers every service in the jewelry business from jewelry inventory to custom design to jewelry repair and financing options.

The shops sell all types of jewelry from rings to watches to necklaces to earrings to bracelets, with an emphasis in bridal jewelry. Jewelry is a sentimental gift when getting married, symbolizing a couple's love and devotion to one another.

Alpine too has long been devoted to selling and making customer’s dream rings. “We take the time to get you what you want, whether it’s in our store or if we have to go find it or make it,” Scott said.

One of the many things that makes Alpine special is their ability to design a ring from scratch for their customers. “A lot of times someone will come in with a picture of a piece of jewelry they can’t find,” Kevin said. “We like thechallenge of figuring out how to make something that the customer wants.”

If you love the design of three different rings and can’t decide, Alpine can combine the design of those three rings to create your dream ring. “50% of art work design here is, ‘I like this ring and I like this ring’, so we put them together,” Kevin said. Custom designs give their customers a personalized piece of jewelry they will cherish for many years to come.

As an independent jewelry shop, their inventory has an abundance of unique styles of jewelry, in comparison to a chain jewelry store that sells mass-market jewelry.

Being an independent and local jewelry shop makes Alpine a trusted business in the community. “We have employees and customers who have been with us for generations and we really are a family,” Scott said.

Both Scott and Kevin emphasize taking care of their employees and customers is the most important part of their jewelry business. “We believe in treating people how we want to be treated,” Scott said. “That's why our employees and our customers stay.”

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