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Bumble & Bleat

The new squeaky clean downtown soapery

Published in the November 2022 Issue Published online: Nov 10, 2022 Business
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THERE IS A NEW BUZZ OF ACTIVITY going on in Downtown Idaho Falls  these days in a new shop called Bumble & Bleat. Located at 357 A St., this small family business is a welcome addition to other Idaho Falls offerings.  The shop is run by Sharon and Leon Reaser with the behind-the-scenes help of a few goat staff members like Bella and Suzy. They offer a variety of great products made with goat milk and honey with their nourishing bar soaps being the star of the show. From the beginning, Sharon’s goal has been to make a soap that is not only nourishing for the skin but also nourishing for the soul.

When Sharon set out to create a soap that would offer the benefits of both goat milk and honey, she quickly ran into obstacles. These included the discovery that the sugars in honey accelerated the soap’s curing process, requiring her to freeze the soap in its early stages to slow the process down. Regardless of the challenges of refining these methods, Sharon felt it was worth the extra effort. With practice she was able to consistently produce bars of soap with the right texture and properties.

After many years of planning and working, Sharon and her family finally decided to make the soap dream a reality and open a shop. They moved to Idaho Falls, bought some goats, and sought out a location for the store. One step inside, and anyone can see they’ve got a great thing going for them.

The proof is in the product. For one, goat milk has vitamins A, D, E, B1, B12, E and other helpful minerals that benefit the skin. The honey in their products offers antiinflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial benefits while also nourishing the skin. Combined together, these two ingredients create a soap that also does wonders for the senses. The bars come in a wide variety of scents with additional beneficial properties. And they don’t only sell soap. There’s so much more. Their other products include beard balms, candles, bath salts, lotions and so much more, with new products always in the works. The store also has a great selection of home decor, bath and body products, and even clothing items. There’s really something for everyone. Running Bumble & Bleat is a whole-hearted effort. Sharon’s husband milks the goats each day while she is always crafting something in the back of the store. They’ve even had help from their adult children with the design of their store name and logo. The results of their efforts are evident. The store looks amazing. The cozy atmosphere with a mix of farm and home decor is relaxing and inviting. This is exactly what Sharon was aiming for. Before opening Bumble & Bleat, Sharon worked as a marriage and family therapist. She wanted a new way to bring therapeutic benefits to the community. She found natural soaps to be very therapeutic for herself and thought it would be great to share them with everyone else. With natural scents, no harsh chemicals and many soothing ingredients, Sharon’s soap brings a little peace and relaxation right to your home.

In fact, these soaps are so well loved that the products are being shipped around the world. Recently a customer from Nepal requested a shipment, which has made both Sharon and Leon quite happy. Clearly, they’re doing something right. We’ve even tried some of the products for ourselves, and we can attest to their effective and therapeutic properties. The scents are enticing and relaxing and the soaps are all very creamy and nourishing—and never drying. Sharon has plans to craft shampoo and conditioner bars in the future, which we’re really looking forward to trying.

The future looks very bright for Bumble & Bleat. The store is a delightful place to stop and shop this holiday season. Grab a gift basket and load up on colorful bars and bath fizzies, charming decor and hand towels, soft bath robes and so much more. Or just breathe in the aroma of calming tranquility. You won’t *bee* sorry.


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