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New Bridge Increases First Responders’ Access to Idaho Falls Community Hospital

Route Helps Connect Patients to Lifesaving Care Even Faster

Published online: Sep 25, 2020 Articles, East Idaho Health
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IDAHO FALLS – First responders have a new, direct route to bring patients to Idaho Falls Community Hospital from 25th Street. Over the last several months, Idaho Falls Community Hospital extended East 25th Circle and built a bridge to increase community members’ access to fast emergency care. The completion of construction gives first responders three routes to Idaho Falls Community Hospital.

“When a patient is seriously injured or sick, we know what a difference a few seconds can make in their treatment and recovery” said Casey Jackman, COO of Idaho Falls Community Hospital. “We invested in creating a new entry point to the hospital from 25th Street for first responders because we want to put time on our patients’ side. All of our community members deserve to be seen by a doctor as quickly as possible when they are sick and we will do whatever we can to make that happen.”

East 25th Circle was extended specially to create a more direct route for first responders. Ambulances started using the route on September 18. The emergency department can also be accessed from Channing Way and Coronado Street.

“We are grateful to have strong partnerships with the healthcare community in Idaho Falls,” said Idaho Falls EMS Division Chief Eric Day. “It makes our jobs easier and ultimately it allows all of us to do a better job caring for our community.”

The road extension and bridge took three months to complete and cost $480,000. Idaho Falls Community Hospital worked with Layton Construction, Jerome Bowen, B&K Landscape and Mountain Valley Electric on the project. In addition to extending the road, Idaho Falls Community Hospital also built a new sidewalk to increase pedestrian access and additional street parking.


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