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Published in the February 2020 Issue Published online: Feb 22, 2020 East Idaho Business Tyler Kraupp
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The intersection of business, technology, leadership and innovation has never been in a better place than right now, especially in eastern Idaho and I-15. With the rise of artificial intelligence in consumer markets, the rapid growth of smart cities around the world and instantaneous personalized experiences within customer engagement and targeted marketing strategies, we are on the forefront of exciting developments. 

In November, Idaho RizeCon was held at the Shoshone Bannock Casino Hotel in Fort Hall. At this gathering of Idaho’s business leaders, over 350 individuals discovered how the top visionaries and leaders behind Idaho’s most successful organizations are igniting the building blocks of growth, innovation and leadership in our region. 

Attendees heard from Jeff Newgard, the President and CEO of Bank of Idaho, Mike McHargue, an organizational health expert and Katie Liljenquist, a world renowned negotiation expert.

The event also featured local standouts like Toni Carter, Solutions Focused Inclusion Strategist for Idaho National Laboratory, who spoke candidly about the importance of embracing the millennial workforce and putting to rest overused and antiquated stereotypes. Or Colter Hansen, CEO of Arcane Marketing, who discussed the importance of strategic mergers and acquisitions and how it can positively impact local business.  

With the event now complete, it’s given me some time to reflect and chart a course for a successful and innovative 2020. Even in our local community there is opportunity for collaboration and growth. The City of Idaho Falls recently kicked off the Connecting Us, Sustaining Progress (CUSP) initiative which will research and find best practices to maintain, sustain, and improve the range of opportunities available to the city. 

The new RizeX Mastermind group, founded by RizeCon visionary Ryan Harris, holds deep-dive mastermind events in Idaho Falls and Pocatello every month. Also, Jeff Newgard of Bank of Idaho is releasing his Community Connections podcast on Youtube and iTunes that features unique and innovative stories of our neighbors and leaders. 

To say that eastern Idaho is on the cusp to be the next innovation hub for some of the leading organizations and small business owners is an understatement. As a lifelong proud Idaho Falls native, I am excited to see what’s next.

The Stats

The measurable success of the event were incredible with:

  • Over 500,000 unique digital impressions 
  • 180,000 unique engagements in real time
  • 15,000 agenda and session views
  • 960 collaborative messages between the 350 guests
  • Attendees from Idaho, Utah, California, Wyoming and even Maryland

It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur and business leader in the eastern Idaho region. 

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