BOD Spotlight: BioLogiQ

Agribusiness winner of Business of Distinction awards.

Published online: Feb 13, 2020 East Idaho Business
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Founded in 2011, BioLogiQ, Inc. of Idaho Falls, makes polymers from plants. The company uses science and technology to make all plastic environmentally better. 

BioLogiQ produces NuPlastiQ from plants and combines it with traditional polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene, resulting in BioBlend XP and XD resins. These resins reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation and are often stronger and lighter than their fossil fuel-based counterparts. When NuPlastiQ is combined with other biodegradable polymers, the resulting BioBlend MB and BC resins can reduce the cost and potentially accelerate the biodegradability of polymers intended for compostability certification.

BioLogiQ’s BioBlend resins are distributed and purchased on a global basis and are used primarily to produce advanced types of packaging. They are also being widely used to produce foodservice packaging, along with many types of caps and closures.

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