East Idaho Health

City Proclaims “Operation Appreciation” Week

Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper has declared the week of October 18th to be “Operation Appreciation.”

Five Safety Tips for Fall

Whether you like hiking, hunting, horseback riding or biking, fall is the perfect season to explore Idaho’s backcountry.

Prudent Selected as Fellow from 37,000 Applicants

Jan Prudent, Manager of Sterile Processing Department at EIRMC, has been selected as a Fellow for the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM).

Bingham Healthcare has Expanded the Oncology Services They Offer

Bingham Healthcare has marked an important milestone by expanding the cancer treatments they offer in Blackfoot.

EIRMC Recognized for Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) received the Making Medicine Mercury-Free Environmental Excellence Award from Practice Greenhealth.

Bingham Healthcare Held Their Annual Brake for Breakfast

Preparing for and participating in Brake for Breakfast is always met with tremendous enthusiasm at Bingham Memorial Hospital (BMH).

Old Wive’s Tales

Nearly 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day in our nation, and many are choosing our community.

AR Meets OR

Surgeons at Mountain View Hospital are the first in Idaho to use augmented reality technology for complex spinal surgeries.

Avoiding a Fall

Falling happens to everyone, it can sometimes lead to potential harm, and seniors are the ones most at risk.

Men: Discuss Prostate-Exam Results with a Urologist

Most men between 55 and 70 years old know they should have annual prostate screenings.

A Call to Protect Yourself

The FBI estimates that seniors lose over $3 billion to fraud every year. Many of these frauds are committed over the phone.

Hillcrest High School Receives National Recognition for Sports Safety

Jessi Cole, was recently instrumental in helping Hillcrest High School in Ammon receive the Safe Sports School award.

Taking Care of Your Smile

Park West Dental’s Dr. James Drake is an accomplished dentist ready to serve the East Idaho community, providing happier smiles.

Then vs. Now

Beginning in February of 2020, Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH) began a long, rigorous campaign to educate the public about the pandemic spreading across the world.

Finding Emergency Care

It’s important to be prepared and know where the nearest urgent care is and whether they have the tools and knowledge to help you.

Dr. David Sisul Designated as a Center of Excellence for GreenLight Laser Therapy

GreenLight Laser Therapy can help provide immediate relief from enlarged prostate symptoms such as frequent urination.

Excellence in Trauma Care

The designations are part of Idaho’s Time Sensitive Emergency System, which was created to help address the top three preventable causes of death.

Rock Steady Solutions

We all experience challenges in life that can knock us off our feet. It’s just a question of whether—and how—to fight back.

Meet Kadee at the Idaho Radiothon

On May 5, 2017, Kadee’s mom received the news no mom wants to hear. It was cancer.

All Babies Welcome at Mountain View Hospital

When you choose Mountain View Hospital, the team will do everything it can to make sure your delivery is a special and safe experience for you and your baby.