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2024 Dining Awards, Best Overall

Jaker's Bar and Grill

Published online: Jul 01, 2024 Dining
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The experience found at Jaker’s Bar and Grill is nothing short of exquisite. The gourmet meals, delicious drinks and phenomenal service have made this restaurant beloved in the community since it opened in 1978. 

Jake Jones, the man behind it all, opened his first restaurant, Jake’s of Pocatello in 1975 before its expansion into Idaho Falls in 1978. Both restaurants kept their customers coming back for more and over the course of 49 years in business, Jaker’s has opened five locations in Idaho and Montana. 

Known for its steak, seafood, prime rib and perfectly crafted drinks, Jaker’s has remained favored in the community for decades. So much so that Jaker’s Bar and Grill was voted Best Overall in the 2024 Dining Awards Contest. 

Jaker’s prides itself on serving the highest quality meals and creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience for each customer who walks through the door. When you first step foot into Jaker’s, you are greeted by a friendly face and surrounded by a clean and inviting atmosphere.  

Along with the great service and atmosphere are the many delectable dishes served here.

Serving the highest quality of food is no easy task that Jaker’s doesn’t take lightly. “When people come in, they expect high quality of the food because it’s Jaker’s,” Mario Ponce, General Manager said. “So, we make our food fresh daily and try to serve the highest quality as we can.”

To ensure the quality of food, dishes are made fresh each day with only the best and freshest ingredients. 

As Jaker’s former kitchen manager, Mario is familiar with what it takes to master each dish and has passed along his wisdom to the current cooks. “When we’re cooking, we have our temperatures so we know what temperatures are expected for each plate,” Mario said.

“I always tell my cooks that we need to make sure everything is cooked to perfection.”  

Cooked to perfection is an understatement. 

The coconut shrimp, French dips and sirloins are certain to leave your mouth watering. The coconut shrimp are full of flavor and cooked just right, served with a golden brown outer crunchy layer. The French dips on the other hand are sandwiched in between airy bread, melted Swiss cheese and tender beef with a delicious dip on the side. Last but not least are the sirloins. The Garlic Shrimp Sirloin is another favorite among guests for its juicy and succulent texture. 

What makes Jaker’s so popular is not only the gourmet meals, but the comfort and feeling of home in this local restaurant. 

“My favorite thing here is that you feel like you’re at home,” Mario said. “I always think of Jaker’s as my second house. Everybody feels like family here. That’s my favorite part.”

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