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Baby Steps

Small recommendations for easy travel

Published online: Jun 10, 2024 Family Fun Guide
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By Emmie Leigh 

The moment the sun appears, us Idahoans are stuffing our backpacks with supplies and preparing the camper for takeoff. We love our home in Idaho Falls, but it is a remarkable experience to explore the rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, and hot springs that surround our community. 

Although we live in a beautiful area, most adventures require at least a short road trip, which can be intimidating when you have children on board. I’ve compiled a list of easy tips that don’t require a ton of extra work, because as parents we have enough on our plates. 

Snacks to Pack

It is important to bring snacks with you everywhere when you have a kid, but especially when traveling or going out for long periods of family fun. I personally recommend keeping a sealable container of healthy snacks with your kids in the car for easy access when hitting the road, even if you aren’t expecting them to need to eat for a while. Kids and roads are equally unpredictable and it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected.

Here are a few healthy ideas for your lunchbox or purse:

-Cheese sticks

-Fresh fruit and veggies (sliced appropriately according to age)

-GoGo squeeze packs


-Freeze dried fruit

-Veggie straws

-Granola bars

-Yogurt melts

And of course, don’t forget to pack enough bottles of water for all.

Literacy Tip

Download a few audiobooks for yourself and for the kids. Books can be borrowed from the Libby App, which you can download and utilize with your Idaho Falls Public Library card. Also, pack a couple of books to read at night to maintain a routine and comfort in a new place.

Filling the Toy Bag

Can you stand 5 hours of a rattle shaking? Does your child’s electronic toy make a noise that drives you to the brink of insanity? Make sure to only pack toys you know you and your spouse can handle for an extended period of travel time.

If possible with your budget, purchasing a few new toys from the dollar store and distributing them throughout the trip is an easy way to keep up morale as time slows and boredom kicks in.

In Case of an Emergency

Little ones are exploring the world for the first time. Even if they have traveled before, it’s important to remember that their bodies and minds are constantly changing and growing. Don’t forget to include these emergency items on your packing list:

-Empty grocery or zip-loc bags (best kept in the center console)

-First aid kit (including motion sickness and stomach illness medication)

-Physical money (a few dollars and quarters for toll booths)

-Kids potty (a life-saver for those rural areas)


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