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Creative Pursuit Blossoms into Bakery

Vintage Cakes with Dazy Cakes Bakery

Published online: May 02, 2024 East Idaho Business Maudie Heard
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A cake lover’s and a maximalist's dream—the vintage cake. Vintage cakes date way back to the 1800s but are making yet another comeback for a slice of nostalgia and more buttercream than one could dream. 

The saying goes, “Beauty never goes out of style,” and neither does the vintage cake. Known for their extreme buttercream piping and variety of colors and patterns, these cakes are a blank canvas for their bakers. 

Baker Hailey Beseris turned her passion for art into these vintage or “retro” styled cakes just over a year ago with the start of Dazy Cakes Bakery—-a home bakery that specializes in all things vintage cakes. 

Upon baking and decorating her first-ever cake for her daughter’s birthday party, she fell in love with the art of it and a bakery blossomed. 

“What led me here is a long road of art and photography,” Hailey said. “I just needed something else creative to do and my daughter's birthday was coming up. I needed to make a birthday cake or buy one, and that’s when I made my first ever cake.”

Indulging in the trend of maximalism, the bakery offers vintage cakes that are customizable to your celebration. “More is more, especially when it comes to frills and ruffles,” Hailey said. “I think that we are really embracing the side of beauty when it comes to cakes and the simplicity style is kind of going out the door.”

Surpassing simplicity with the vintage cake has many styles—from heart-shaped to crescent-shaped to coffin-shaped cakes, you can customize your cake any way you like for any party. 

Hailey’s vintage cakes showcase traditional buttercream techniques and buttercream art in a jaw dropping effort, making them the showstopper of the party. 

For more information or to order a cake, head to


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