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Weight Loss in a Culture of Weight Gain with Club Apple

Published online: Mar 19, 2024 Health & Wellness
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In my 32 years in the fitness industry, I’ve watched many weight loss drugs come and go. Some were pulled by the FDA due to safety issues, others lost their allure in the public eye, while others just weren’t effective. For whatever the reason, people quit taking them. The latest rage is semaglutide, available under various names.

While I’m not here to talk anyone out of their weight loss drugs, I can tell you that if you don’t address the underlying issue of eating more than you require, drugs are a short-term solution at best.

I feel bad for today’s youth. They didn’t live in the day when calorie management was easier. Gas stations served just gas rather than delicious fried foods and mega sodas, serving sizes were in line with caloric requirements, and restaurants closed at 8PM. Physical activity was also built in to our culture.

Regardless of what Instagram tells you to do to lose fat, it’s not complicated; it’s actually simple and anyone can do it. These are the five steps to weight management Club Apple trainers teach their clients.

- Get enough exercise

Depending on your intensity, that can be done in 3-5 days in under an hour per day.

- Understand food and calories

Few people understand the calorie content of food and invariably end up overeating.

- Food journaling

Journal your food intake for at least a few weeks, you’ll quickly see where the problem is.

- Support

A good support system provides an environment to succeed.

- Stimulus control

Controlling food triggers that cause overeating always trumps will-power.

Watch next month’s issue when we’ll give more detail on each step to mastering weight loss & management. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Robby Denning, Personal Training Director for Club Apple at 208 529 8600 or


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