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Balancing with Ballet

Published online: Feb 02, 2024 Health & Wellness Maudie Heard
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From the outside looking in, a ballet performance is emotionally captivating, elegant and beautifully choreographed. What we don’t often see though, is the countless hours and dedication behind a perfect-looking performance. Owner of the Idaho Falls School of Ballet and former dancer Deborah Bean defines it as, “one of the only activities where every joint is used through a full range of motion.” 

Ballet is a sport unlike any other. The combination of physical exertion, discipline and difficult skills that result in a beautiful art form is what makes this sport so unique. “We're training the body to be an instrument of expression and communication,” Deborah said. 

At the Idaho Falls School of Ballet, classical ballet is the main focus. Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet and Sleeping Beauty are some of the most compelling and inspirational stories that have been told through classical ballet.

The techniques of this classical style can only be described as a beautiful ballet workout.  

When students come to class, they come prepared for an hour to two hours of class, depending on their skill level. “We teach classical ballet where there's a prescribed sequence of exercises that have existed for hundreds of years,” Deborah said. “We’re training the muscles to be long and strong, and we’re training the muscles that can support a healthy posture. It’s a great way to train the body.”

For advanced students, ballet is a way of life. “Ballet really does take a lot of commitment and dedication,” Deborah said. “You have to be committed to the process, which means you have to hold on for not an instant reward but this slow gaining of skills.”

Through a delicate balance of determination, flexibility and strength, all things are possible for the Idaho Falls School of Ballet dancers, who often continue to practice, compete and even teach ballet to others.

And not only is ballet good for the body and brain, but it’s also good for the dancer's spirit and confidence that spills over into areas outside of the studio. “Through ballet, you gain this ability to stand up, hold your head up, hold your body and walk well around your world like that,” Deborah said.

“It really is the ability to use your body in just a very beautiful, unique way.”

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