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Gift-Giving All Year

Published online: Dec 12, 2023 Holidays Susan Stucki
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Could there be anything better than gift-giving all year long? 

Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. They also seek to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help when it is needed most. Their mission is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. Providing a simple act of love and kindness during a time of uncertainty and stress blesses both the receiver and giver.

Nothing warms the heart like a gooey hot lasagna, layered and baked with love. That’s why the volunteers with Lasagna Love make and deliver homemade lasagnas freely, expecting nothing in return. Other foods can be substituted for lasagna.

Lasagna Love was started at the beginning of the pandemic when founder, Rhiannon Menn, wanted to make a difference. It started with her thinking, “I can make a meal.” She reached out to her social media friends to say she was making some lasagna that day and could leave them on people’s front porch; just let her know who needs them. Others embraced the idea and Lasagna Love grew. 

Statistics show that over 350,000 meals have been delivered to those in need of extra love and kindness and 1.5 million individuals have been impacted by the kindness of home cooked meal delivery, all thanks to 45,000 volunteers spreading kindness in local communities and volunteers in three countries. 

The premise of the organization is simple: Volunteers make lasagna and then deliver the dishes, even contact-free if requested. Lasagna Love is more than just providing lasagna; it’s a way to share hope with people who are struggling. It’s spreading some kindness to someone you don’t even know and don’t need to know why they have made the request. It’s a rewarding way to serve. Over the years I have taken food to those I know, but there is something different about delivering home baked, love-filled dishes to complete strangers.

Anyone can request lasagna for any reason—from simply wanting a home-cooked meal to needing help after surgery. The requests aren’t vetted; instead, they're put directly into a queue to be claimed by one of the many local volunteers who make the lasagna in their home kitchen and then deliver it, no questions asked. The amount of time it takes to receive a lasagna varies, depending on the recipient's location and the number of volunteers taking requests. Though the volunteers would love to get lasagnas out instantaneously, it’s simply unreasonable. All lasagnas are homemade, and that takes time. 

A Lasagna Love Chef can make “one and done” or select how often they wish to participate. Real joy in life results any time we serve others. Lasagna Love is a creative and delicious way to spread cheer throughout the whole year. Kindness, however big or small, is the key to strengthening our community. 

If a resident is brave enough to say they need help, Lasagna Love chefs are happy to deliver, no strings attached. Requesters can also specify dietary preferences for their lasagna. The online request form allows for specific needs. 

Feeling inspired and want to make a difference in our community? Join this movement of kindness. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated at Lasagna Love. It’s an easy and accommodating group to join. A quick sign-up through is all it takes to get involved. Volunteers are then matched with requesters who live within the volunteers’ stated location of service.

Lasagna Love created a “Kindness Pledge” online that allows people to serve their communities in whatever ways best suit their talents and time. This allows the organization’s mission to extend beyond the confines of a lasagna pan.

Visit then click on Lasagna Love to join the ranks of Lasagna Love Chefs and make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.


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