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NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet Returns to Idaho Falls This Holiday Season

Published online: Nov 08, 2023 Events
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NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet returns to The Colonial Theater on November 15th, 2023. This year marks the 31st annual North American tour of this beloved family tradition, created by world-renowned ballet virtuosos, that brings together and illuminates the finest in the field. The 2023 production showcases a record number of international talent, starring principal dancers from the great opera houses of Ukraine and 40 world-class artists from Japan, Italy, Turkey, and more.  This year holds exciting surprises as it introduces a fresh character and incorporates innovative new choreography that blends classical ballet with cutting-edge circus techniques. One of the highlights is the inclusion of a talented Cyr Wheel artist, adding an intriguing element to the performance.

“The international scale of the production is truly unique. With Artistic Direction from the birthplace of classical ballet in Kyiv, Ukraine to rising ballet capitals around the world we have built a world class team,” says Dan Talmi, Executive Producer of Talmi Entertainment and the son of co-founders Mary Giannone and Akiva Talmi. “We’re the only nationally touring Nutcracker production, so we strive to top ourselves each year,” he continued. “There is a sense of pride and responsibility when it comes to this show. It has become a holiday tradition in households across the country and our team works year round to give audiences the best of everything - the best talent, production value, costumes - you name it.”

Produced by Talmi Entertainment, NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet is the most significant touring production of its kind, with over a quarter million tickets sold each year. The 2023 production stars Ukrainian ballerinas- gold medalist Karyna Shatkovskaya - and Honored Artist of Ukraine Elena Pechenyuk as Clara. The Nutcracker Prince is danced by premiere danseurs - gold medalist Batur Buklu from Turkey, and the esteemed Rustem Imangaliev from Kazakhstan. This is also the only production in which Act II takes place in the "Land of Peace and Harmony" and features the signature acro -ballet adagio "Doves  of Peace". Exclusive to NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet, “Doves of Peace” features two dancers who come together to form a larger-than-life dove with a 20-foot wingspan that guides Clara and the Nutcracker Prince through the dreamscape of Dancing Snowflakes to the Prince's home, the Land of Peace and Harmony, where there are no wars and no children suffer. With this beautiful global ensemble, NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet conveys a message of peace and understanding (through the universal language of dance). 

In the 2023 production, an exciting addition to the Nutcracker story is the introduction of a new character called The Herald. Representing the spirit of the forest, The Herald plays a vital role in the narrative by announcing the arrival of our heroes and leading a joyous celebration in Clara's honor. During this enchanting sequence, Clara encounters magnificent 10-foot-tall puppets and elegantly dancing couples who symbolize the five great heritages of the world. Each couple bestows a special gift upon Clara, embodying the unique qualities of their respective cultures. From the Persian Elephant, she receives wisdom; from the Slavic Bear, strength; from the Spanish Bull, courage; from the French Unicorn, honesty; and from the Chinese Dragon, resilience. This delightful addition adds depth and richness to Clara's journey and highlights the unity and diversity of the world around her.

NUTCRACKER! Magical Christmas Ballet is renowned for Broadway-level productions and with the best theatrical designers from around the world featuring the artistry of scenic designers, prop builders, and puppeteers from Czechoslovakia, South Africa, Chuvash, St Petersburg, and New York. The show’s marionettes, crafted in the image of the Nutcracker’s beloved characters Clara, Drosselmeyer, Kissy Doll, and Harlequin, were created by Petre Puppeteer using 3-D modeling and printing.  The flock of doves were created by South African creature builder and puppeteer Roger Titley, of War Horse fame, who also created the production’s firebird and peacock that appear in Act II. The current reimagination of the animal puppets were designed by the legendary Nino Novellino and built by America’s finest craftsmen using modern, light-weight techniques. The ballet also features exquisite costumes by Arthur Oliver, and hand painted drops by Scenic Designer Carl Sprague, frequent concept illustrator for filmmaker Wes Anderson. The final spectacle and centerpiece of the last act features a Christmas tree, hand crafted by European artisans, that grows to 100 feet.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit Special pricing is available for groups. Call 800-320-1733 or email 


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