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Handcrafted Drinks in Downtown

Down into the hot new spot, XVIII

Published in the July 2023 Issue Published online: Jul 03, 2023 Dining
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By Maudie Heard

What once was the Odd Fellows Building downtown is now XVIII, a fine cocktail bar and lounge. This classy and charming cocktail lounge, pronounced 18, has been the hot new spot and talk of the town since its opening in summer of 2022.

The sensational ambiance is felt within your first three steps inside. The dim lighting and décor bottles above the staircase catch your eye and shift your mood instantly. After following the staircase down to the lounge, the vibrant blue hues from the liquor display illuminate all the way through the lounge. The lounge offers guests a much smoother experience and gives guests the opportunity to avoid crowds found at bars and pubs, all while enjoying finer drinks.

And unlike a regular bar or pub, XVIII has put an emphasis on providing exceptional hospitality to this community. “Our main focus is on that family factor and we want people to understand that this is their family as well,” Kenny Wagner, the director of operations, said.

On top of their exceptional service, XVIII prides themselves on the level of quality of their handcrafted drinks. “We squeeze all our own juice, cut all our own garnishes by hand and hand make every cocktail,” Justin Morris, director of food and beverages, said. “It’s everything from cocktails to wine to beer to zero-proof cocktails.”

The zero-proof cocktails served in this lounge sets them apart from other wine and craft bars. “We really put a focus on trying to reach out to that part of the community that doesn’t want to consume alcohol but still wants to come enjoy this environment and this building,” Justin said.

Zero-proof cocktails, often referred to as mocktails, are non-alcoholic mixed drinks with all the same zest of a regular handcrafted drink. So whether or not you enjoy an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic beverage, the menu at XVIII caters to all.

Other notable drinks featured at XVIII are the ones that pay homage to the history of the Odd Fellows fraternity—the tenants who resided in this building decades before.

“The Odd Fellows fraternity was here for a long time so in our collective ideas and wishes at the beginning of this development, we made a concerted effort to pay homage to that. The female counterpart to the Odd Fellows fraternity was called the Rebecca’s so we have a drink called ‘The Rebekah,’” Justin said. “The Odd Fellows were also notorious for hiding a human skull in the wall somewhere in their building so we created a cocktail named ‘Skull in the Wall.’”

Beyond the ambience of XVIII and its diverse menu is its ideal and historical location.

XVIII resides in the heart of downtown on 423 A St., known as the former Odd Fellows Building. This building dates back to as early as 1907 and has long been the home to fraternity’s and a handful of businesses until 2017 when 100 Proof purchased the building.

Keeping the same historic feel and many of the original building’s features, XVIII is undeniably making a statement in downtown. And looking ahead, XVIII has plans to add a cigar lounge, private dining space, house DJ and full-service kitchen whose food menu will reflect the singularity of the cocktails.

“We want this to be a place where whether it’s after a business day or after a business meeting, whether you have visitors or family from out of town, we are creating an accommodating place where everybody gets to come in, enjoy themselves and enjoy their company,” Kenny said.

For more information, visit or call 208-970-4525.


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