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Building a Community at Flip & Twist

Building a Community at Flip & Twist

Published in the June 2023 Issue Published online: Jun 01, 2023 Discover Idaho Falls, Family Fun Guide
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Story and photos by Maudie Heard

Voted as the #1 gymnastics center in Idaho, Flip & Twist has become a place where kids and families come to have fun, learn skills, gain confidence and grow their communities.

Since its opening in 2019, this gymnastics center has been offering classes that specialize in gymnastics, ninja warrior and parkour for all skill levels and a wide range of ages. Owner of Flip & Twist, Favad Malik, describes it as, “a place where kids and families can come to meet new people and be involved in the community.”

The core curriculum of gymnastics, ninja warrior and parkour focus on tumbling and how to get from one obstacle to another in the most efficient and safe way. These core classes are designed to let kids have fun while staying active. “When I see kids in the evening class I think, ‘They’re going to be falling asleep by 9 o’clock,’” Favad said. “As a parent myself, the design and curriculum here comes from the perspective of a parent.”

Flip & Twist is a family fun destination all-year round as kids can play indoors in the cold winter months and special classes, camps and clubs are offered over the summer. “We will introduce summer camps and events so whether you are a member or non-member, you can feel like you belong and are a part of this community,” Favad said.

The community feel at Flip & Twist is noticed the second you step in the door. Kids are running around having fun with coaches, parents and their friends. The support in the air is astronomical as everyone cheers for each other to achieve whatever their athletic goals may be.

And not only this, the community at Flip & Twist has created an environment where parents can come to engage with each other while their kids tumble and run around. “We have been involved with organizations including East Idaho Moms and It Takes a Village,” Favad said. “It’s allowed us to create a space where parents and families can come and meet kids from other schools.”

The kids' ages range from 18 months to 28 years and classes are separated by age to ensure safety. Kids of all ages can feel comfortable being around their peers and parents while knowing the coaches are trained, experienced and committed to creating a fun and safe environment. “Safety is our key thing,” Favad explains.

The safety of kids extends off the mat as the team promotes ninja safety tactics for everyday use to local schools.“We run a program called, ‘Ninja Safety Roll,’ where we go to schools and demonstrate how to ninja roll so if you’re falling off of a bike for instance, how can you use the ninja practice skill to help you fall?” Favad explains. From senior to junior level coaches, the team is well versed in all things flipping and twisting.

Whether your child is serious about being an athlete, or just wants to have some fun, gymnastics, ninja warrior and parkour are for everyone. Flip & Twist even offers a free trial class to every local child to ensure their comfort.

“Engaging with the community and building something for kids and families is our mission.”

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