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Harris Media Services

Harris Publishing expands business with Harris Media Services, a video production company

Published in the March 2023 Issue Published online: Mar 02, 2023 Maudie Heard
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Harris Publishing is expanding its business with Harris Media Services, a creative video production company that focuses on strategy, creative idea development and production of creative content.

 With over 50 years of mastering creating print and online content, Harris Publishing (parent company of Idaho Falls magazine and other periodicals) is taking its passion for content to a growing digital platform. As the modern world continues to rely more on digital platforms, Harris Publishing is committed to delivering several more clients’ messages to readers.

 Ryan and Jason Harris invested in Harris Media Services in 2022 to achieve customers’ marketing goals through creative video content. HMS strives to create quality content for businesses to achieve their marketing goals whether it's promoting the brand’s values, generating more engagement, driving revenue or reaching new audiences.

Ed Aurrecoechea, videographer with HMS, promotes passion through his work. “As a director of video production, I have 20 years of experience creating commercials, creating content for TV, documentaries, educational videos and graphic motion designs,” Ed said. His years of experience with creating content and his creative talent fulfill a wide range of client’s needs.

 “We can give our current and future clients a presence on digital platforms with upgraded technology through the various types of content we can create,” Ed explains.

As marketing and advertising needs continue to grow on digital platforms, the staff at HMS is taking their skills to social media platforms. “We work with local businesses to create creative content for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,” Ed said. “We can create high-quality videos or short clips like reels for Instagram.”

 Social media platforms make it easy for people to share videos, allowing businesses to reach a wider audience through organic sharing. This helps increase brand awareness and drives traffic to the business's website.

 HMS also focuses on the production of commercials for clients to promote their businesses. The company has invested in high-quality equipment and software. “To stay on top of what is trending in today's market, we have the latest generation cameras and we have multiple lenses to communicate different types of messages,” Ed said. “We also have access to professionals who can do voice-overs or act in our commercials, anyway the client needs.”

 HMS has even invested in the latest generation of drones to give clients’ messages a unique perspective. Drone shots can be used for commercial or real estate shots and the business has received its FFA drone certification.

 Businesses can use video for a variety of purposes including product demos, customer testimonials, educational content and more. Using video allows businesses to capture and keep the attention of their audience.

 The company focuses on strategy, creativity and production.

 The first step is strategy and includes consultation, creative brief, brainstorming ideas and storytelling. Undoubtedly the most important step in the creative process is strategy. “At HMS we know about video, about digital marketing and the client knows their needs, their brand,” Ed said. “We come in that first step and serve as their consultant to create that strategy and to tell their story.”

 HMS uses storytelling in its video production to emotionally connect with the brands’ audiences and to increase customer engagement. The connection between the brand and its customers strengthens and creates a long-lasting relationship.

 Next is the creative service that includes idea development, scripting, storyboarding and distribution. During the creative process, HMS focuses on creating an outline of the video from start to finish. The creative stage is where Ed will build on the creative brief that was created in the strategy stage.

 Lastly, production is the content creation, video editing and graphic motion design. This is when HMS brings the strategy and creative outline to life through production.

 HMS helps businesses grow their SEO, in simple terms, grow the traffic on their website and has the experience and skills to create creative content ranging from commercials to animated logos to social media clips.

 Having an animated logo at the signature of an email is a fun and easy way to establish branding within a company. “When you send an email, it's something attractive,” Ed said. “You can establish your colors and your logo that way.”

HMS’s work is centered in but not limited to Eastern Idaho. “We can offer our services in other areas as well,” Ed said. “We can go to Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Boise, wherever you need us.”

 Video is a powerful marketing tool for businesses to communicate their message, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

 Quotes are based on the content, time and quality of the client’s needs.

 To receive a quote or to find more information, visit, call 208-542-2260 or scan this QR code.



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