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Minding Your Body and Your Mind

Discovering Bodifi’s wellness services

Published in the February 2023 Issue Published online: Feb 02, 2023 Health & Wellness Maudie Heard
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Photos by Justin Ball

Over at Bodifi, a health and wellness center, members are minding their body and their mind with its fitness equipment and highly sought wellness services.

Located at 1745 W Broadway St., Bodifi is a family-owned and local business. At Bodifi, they believe that mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. General manager of the center, Justin Ball, shares with us, “I think we saw that a lot with Covid-19, with being locked in the house, and how mental health issues went up and how working out and wellness can help your mental health.”

Red light therapy is a wellness service that has many benefits. At Bodifi, it looks just like a tanning bed where you lay down with goggles to protect your eyes. You take in the benefits of the UV lighting, but without the burn.

The specialized red light stimulates the mitochondria in the body’s cells, assisting them in energy and recovery. The benefits of red light therapy include muscle recovery, relieving muscle pain and reducing the appearance of wrinkles or scars. Some research even suggests that red light supports hair growth.

Red light therapy can take several sessions before you start to see results, so consistency is key. Sessions in the red light therapy bed typically last for 15 minutes.

The other type of red light therapy that the center offers is more of a specialized approach. “It’s medical grade neuro care red light therapy, and they are red light patches, it’s a little more targeted,” Justin said. “Say you had a knee replacement or a shoulder replacement, these pads can wrap around that area and its the same pads that you’ll see in physical therapy and chiropractic offices.”

Red light therapy can be beneficial for anyone but is especially beneficial to those who suffer from health-related conditions. The benefits of red light are believed to reduce the symptoms of some health conditions such as arthritis or psoriasis. Both options of red light therapy are non-invasive and pain-free.

In addition to red light therapy, Bodifi offers its ‘BodiPod’, an infrared sauna, to its Luxury members. Unlike a regular sauna, this infrared sauna is shaped like a pod, allowing one person to lie in it and absorb the high heat it gives off.

An infrared sauna uses infrared lamps to create heat, typically ranging from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat generated from the lamps directly heats the body with dry heat, in contrast to a traditional sauna, where the room is filled with steam and humidity. Infrared saunas are also considered a form of therapy because of their many health benefits.

“The bodipod helps you sweat, releasing toxins from the body and helps with weight loss,” Justin said. The benefits of heat are associated with relaxation, regulating the body’s core temperature and relieving muscle pain. Remember to stay properly hydrated if you choose to try an infrared sauna as the heat can be dehydrating.

Sessions in the BodiPod last 15 minutes.

Red light therapy and the massage chairs are offered to all VIP and Platinum members, while neuro body care and the infrared sauna are offered to those who hold a Luxury membership. Apart from the memberships, Bodifi offers one-time sessions that can be bought for their wellness services to those who want the opportunity to try it out.

Bodifi has three locations in Idaho Falls, Ammon and Rexburg. The integration of wellness into their health center undoubtedly makes them stand out as a health and wellness center.

For more information or to try their services, check out their site,


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