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Melt your stress away with a getaway to Xhale Day Spa.

Published in the February 2023 Issue Published online: Feb 03, 2023 Health & Wellness Maudie Heard
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Photos By Xhale Day Spa

Recognized as one of the best spas in Idaho, Xhale Day Spa focuses on wellness, beauty and relaxation. From the relaxing ambience to its lavish spa treatments to the friendly staff, this spa has a little bit of everything.

Looking at the spa from the outside is a notable piece of charming architecture located on East First Street. The property has been a popular eye candy in Idaho Falls since the 1930s because of its unique style, previously known as the Hatch House. The historic home will remain the heart of the property but plans to expand the spa will offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

Rachael Merrill, the owner of Xhale, never thought she would be the owner of such a luxurious spa as she is today. “The original idea wasn’t for me to open this spot,” Rachael said. “The original idea was for me to become a massage therapist to have more of a flexible schedule because I had young children at the time.”

After graduating from massage school, Rachael worked as a massage therapist for Essence of You, ironically previously located in the same building. After working there for 9 months in July of 2010, she left Essence of You and decided to work independently in a small building of her own.

The business started with only two rooms, offering massages and facials. “I moved two other times and with each move, we grew the business, grew the space, added more people, and added more services,” Rachael said.

The benefits of their spa treatments are both mental and physical. “Being able to come in here and have the peace and quiet of relaxing alone is amazing,” Rachael said. “Adding a massage or facial into that gives the guest a much-needed break.”

Getting away to the spa with yourself, your partner or your friends increases the wellness of your mind and body. Being able to disconnect from the outside world while in the spa lets the body take a deep breath and relax. Physical benefits from spa treatments can lower blood pressure, reduce pain, promote glowing skin and detox the body, just to list a few. The mental benefits of spa treatments lets guests relax, de-stress and improve self-esteem. In other words, a day spent at the spa can certainly improve your physical or mental health.

Xhale encourages guests to join a group of friends, family or coworkers. Getting pampered with a group of friends is perfect for special occasions or when a break from a busy schedule is needed. A day at the spa looks something like a 50-minute massage, a manicure, and a pedicure, depending on the package.

The spa also offers deluxe packages that can be shared with a loved one, creating the perfect romantic getaway. The soft lights and relaxing music in the spa give couples a dreamy experience together. Treatments at the spa are available in packages or separately.

Walking into the spa, the atmosphere is undeniably quiet and peaceful. The spa has integrated a modern and clean interior design to enhance the overall spa experience. The spa is made up of several rooms that are each designed as their own little safe haven.

For instance, the Meditation Room is where guests are invited to let go and relax. The Garden Room invites guests to relax with a beautiful view of the landscape in the back. The Getaway Room creates the perfect opportunity for groups of guests or couples to get away and enjoy each other’s company. The variety of rooms gives guests their privacy while receiving treatments at the spa.

The spa sits on a beautiful landscape, surrounded by a small forest. It overlooks a small body of water alongside a walking path that leads to a community park.

Rachael gives huge credit to her husband, Brock Merrill, for making this all possible.

“He has always been a huge support whether it’s been emotionally helping me through the hard times or doing all the construction with every move we have made,” Rachael said. “The spa would not be what it is today without his help and support.”

The add-on of cryotherapy will become a spa treatment that exposes people to cold temperatures in a ‘cryo-chamber’ that has many health benefits. “It’s great for people who work out a lot, elderly people or anyone with a lot of inflammation,” Rachael said. The resort and new spa treatment will become an addition to the already rejuvenating spa experience.

In addition to the resort, Rachael plans to add what she calls a clubhouse on the property. “It will be a type of event center for a multitude of things like a wedding anniversary party or birthday party,” she said. The event center will be available to rent out for any type of big event.

When finished, the expansion of the spa will create a well-rounded and pleasurable experience for anyone. “When someone comes here, they can stay here and have plenty of things to do,” Rachael said.

The transformation of Xhale day spa has been a group effort from Rachael and her family. “My husband has done all of the planning and the construction with the help of our son,” she said.

The spa runs as smoothly as it does with Rachael’s oldest daughter as their operations manager and her youngest daughter, who works at the front desk.

Lots of love from Rachael and her family has been poured into creating a spa as beautiful and inviting as Xhale.

For more information or to make an appointment, head to their site, www., or call 208-227-3529.


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