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Inaugural Teton Toyota Tater Toss Sponsored by Bingham Healthcare

Published online: Jan 02, 2023 Best of IF, Events, Family Fun Guide
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Idaho Falls, ID December 30, 2022 – In a historic move, on December 29th the Mountain America Center allowed potatoes to be thrown onto the ice for the first time ever during an Idaho Falls Spud King game. In lieu of creating lasting damage, actual potatoes were not allowed. Foam potatoes were provided by Teton Toyota and Bingham Healthcare and were available for purchase for $2 or 3 for $5. After the second period, fans threw the potatoes at a target placed on center ice. The person who got their potato closest to the bullseye won $500. Proceeds from the sale of the potatoes went straight to the Salvation Army Love Beyond Christmas program. Over 1,000 foam potatoes were purchased last night.

The winner was local resident, Daxon Grimmett, who attended the game with his dad. When asked what he was planning on doing with the winnings, his dad quickly replied that he would be saving the money.

If you missed the fun, you still have more opportunities to come to a Spud King game and throw your foam potato on the ice. The remaining Teton Toyota Tater Toss events will be happening on January 7, 14, 20, 21, 28 and February 4 and 8. Each night will benefit a local charity.


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