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Fresh Tips for Vibrant Blooms

Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

Published in the January 2023 Issue Published online: Jan 04, 2023 Articles
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By Jill Reiley

Choosing flowers for your wedding is no small task. Flowers can set the mood for everyone present by pulling in the wedding colors and displaying the bride and groom’s style in a fresh and elegant way. 

So how do you select just the right flowers to pull all this off with flair? Here are several tips for selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

Consider the Overall Style

Do you have a particular theme for your wedding? If you’re going with a traditional and romantic approach, deep red roses may be the perfect flower to bring a simple and timeless elegance to your wedding day. If you’re going for a bright and cheerful summer wedding under a canopy of blue sky, perhaps you’ll want gerbera daisies or even lily of the valley.

Regardless of your particular style, you will definitely want to make sure your flowers match the vision you are going for. Also, matching the feel and style of your flowers to the venue or location of your wedding will do a lot to enhance the beauty of your wedding day.

Choose a Color Palette

While all flowers hold their own beauty, you don’t want just any flowers at your wedding. You want flowers that showcase your unique personality and style—most especially through your colors. Nothing brings out your colors more than the flowers you choose. 

Because flowers are natural and will vary in color and shade, you don’t need to stress about exact color match. Get as close to your ideal as you can and take a deep breath. Do you smell that bouquet? Lovely. 

Go with Flowers in Season

You may be the world’s greatest fan of sweetpeas, but are you having a December wedding? Make sure to choose flowers that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Some flowers may be available throughout the year, but others will be available only during select timeframes. 

Not sure what flowers you can choose from? Visit a local florist and ask for ideas and suggestions for flowers that will be in bloom during your nuptials. A florist will no doubt have plenty of insight and guidance to offer.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Are your flowers a slightly different shade than your bridesmaids’ dresses? Your flower of choice not available like you hoped? Don’t stress over the little details beyond your control. Choose instead to focus on all the beautiful things ahead and the details that are coming together as planned.

Consider getting a bouquet of silk flowers as a backup in case any last minute disasters come your way. And relax. Everything will be lovely!


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