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12 Great Gift Ideas For the Holiday Season

Published in the November 2022 Issue Published online: Nov 08, 2022 Holidays
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LOOKING FOR A GIFT for that special someone? Having trouble finding a good gift for your mother or even your kids? Read on for some great gift ideas!

Tasty Caramel
When was the last time you had a caramel apple or a piece of white chocolate apple pie toffee? Made fresh at The Caramel Tree, these tasty and decadent treats would make an excellent gift for anyone, and at a very low price. If you want to go all out, they also have great gift baskets so you can include an assortment of delicious treats from pecan turtles to carameldipped brownies. Since your mouth is probably watering, go grab a few for yourself while you’re at it!  
2289 E 17th St. // 208-745-8240 //

Lip Scrub
Have you ever tasted a rainbow? Well we think the Lemon Bloom Lip Scrub sold at Poppy & Pout makes this possible. Starting at $14.95, you can find some high quality flavored lip balm for those winter-chapped lips. Lemon not your favorite? Try mint, pink grapefruit, marshmallow, or many more. Grab one today to make that mistletoe kiss a bit sweeter.  
396 Park Ave. // 208-932-6960 //

SMILE Sweatshirt
Any recipient of this gift will be grinning from ear to ear if they open this on Christmas morning. With cold temperatures at the door, a comfy sweatshirt is a perfect winter gift. For only $54.99 you’ll get a good garment without breaking the bank. Not only will this keep someone warm and cozy, they’ll bring a smile with them wherever they go.  
3160 17th St #150 // 208-357-3887 // www.

Tan Pouch Zipper Purse
Looking for a good purse or handbag for someone? Lemon Meringue has a great collection of pouch purses and handbags for just the thing. This specific pouch purse is $29.95 but you’ll find a variety of others with varying prices as well.  
425 Park Ave. // 208-529-9599 // Facebook @ Lemon Meringue

Organic Bath Bombs
This is a great gift for anyone who needs to wind down and relax after a stressful day. These bath bombs from the Handmade Idaho store are fizzy, fun, and fragrant—and a hot bath is a great way to relieve holiday stress! Give the gift of relaxation with these bath bombs that are only $5.25 each. They come in assorted scents and charming colors that any rubber ducky will enjoy.  
430 Park Ave. // 208-524-9385 //

Arbor Formula Snowboard
Know someone seeking a sleek new board to show off to their friends on the slopes? Well, we think the Arbor Formula snowboard will do the trick. Anyone with this board will be able to show their skills. For $379.99 this awesome snowboard would make a great addition to anyone’s gear. Gnarly dude!  
474 Shoup Ave. // 208-523-6679 //

R2-D2 Tea Towel
How awesome would it be to show off your kitchen with a few Star Wars-themed items? Well we think an R2-D2 printed tea towel will transport your kitchen to a galaxy far far away. While some people enjoy nature and farm items in the kitchen, a bit of sci-fi mixed in can be pretty cool. The towel is priced at $18.00, and if Star Wars isn’t your thing they have plenty of other themed towels from floppy fish to adorable hedgehogs. But really, who doesn’t love Star Wars merch?  
430 Park Ave. // 208-524-9385 //

Praiseworthy Pretzel Rods
Shopping for a snacker? These pretzel sticks from Love At First Bite will satisfy that holiday hankering with a little salty crunch. Coming in a variety of flavors like oreo, dark chocolate, huckleberry, and many more you’ll have a hard time choosing. Starting as low as $1.75 each up to $12.00 for a dozen, you’ll want to grab a bundle for your Christmas stockings!  
901 Pier View Dr #101 // 208-522-7788 // 

Judea Prutah - Alexander Jannaeus - Biblical Widow's Mite 545
We think this next gift is something even Scrooge would enjoy. Check out Infinity Coins and you’ll be surprised by the impressive variety they have in stock. At $74.99 you can soften any scrooge’s heart with the beautiful Widow’s Mite coin. This gift is great for anyone who enjoys collecting coins, studying history, or who simply wants a unique gift. This is especially true for those who enjoy feeling like an archeologist.
Shoup Ave Ste 108A // 208-201-5007 //

Weebee Stuffed Animals
We’re here to save the day or at least help kids find a cuddle buddy to face their fears. Weebee’s stuffed animals are great for the kid who’s afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night. With a wide variety of stuffed animals ranging from $8 to $20, you are sure to find one that is perfect for both boys or girls. Bring a little bit of extra comfort to children to help them fall asleep and dream of sugar plums.    
492 Shoup Ave // 208-260-5300 //

Rage Remote-controlled Supermarine Spitfire
Let’s go flying! This remote-controlled airplane is a great toy for the kid who enjoys piloting planes. And adults will want to fly around with it too. They’ll even get hours of flight time with this RC airplane. The price is set at $109.99 and comes with a controller, spare propeller, and charging cord. Go grab one of these and help the season feel a little more exciting.  
2295 N Yellowstone Hwy, Ste. 4 // 208-521-3613 //

Tempo Stretch Slim Fit Dress Shirt  
This next gift is for that debonair man on his next romantic night out. One of these shirts will fit nicely, last well, and look amazing. Ferrel’s Clothing is a great place to find classy clothes for anyone looking for new and sleek clothing for the office or anywhere else. This white dress shirt at only $39.99 is a great place to start building that wardrobe.  
3194 S 25th E // 208-522-8293 //


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