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Himalayan Flavor

A pinch of spice in Idaho Falls

Published in the November 2022 Issue Published online: Nov 13, 2022 Dining
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A new restaurant has opened its doors just across the street from Idaho Falls Magazine, though you don’t have to be as close as we are to take notice. If you walk Downtown at the right time of day, you can smell rich and spicy aromas all the way down the street. We couldn’t resist getting a taste of this goodness for ourselves.

One step inside the doors of Himalayan Flavor and your senses will be captivated at every level. Let’s begin with the visual. This lavishly decorated restaurant has something to dazzle the eye everywhere you look. From glittering chandelier pendant lights to beautiful artwork of Mount Everest on the walls to an enticing display of spice jars—this place is stunning. But that’s the least of it. Let’s talk about the food.

We tried an impressive spread of rich, warm dishes ranging from spicy and creamy to mild and tender.

The appetizers at Himalayan Flavor are fantastic. The paneer pakora is a unique dish of breaded and fried cheese, but not just any cheese. This is a house-made Himalayan cheese reminiscent of ricotta. It’s delicious. We also tried the paneer chili that has a sticky sweet heat from the sauce on the fried cheese—an absolutely irresistible combination.

The vegetable pakora is also a great choice, with a variety of crispy breaded vegetables and delicious green mint tamarind and brown tamarind chutney dipping sauces on the side. The gobi manchurian was, handsdown, one of our favorite dishes of the day. This breaded cauliflower with a sticky sweet sauce makes for a memorable bite.

For entrées, the lamb jalfrezi is a delicious place to start. Tender and flavorful with a good balance of spices and vegetables stirred into fragrant rice, this is a must try. Goat biryani is equally flavorful with a warm, spicy sauce.

If you’re looking for an entrée that is a true show-stopper, we recommend the shrimp coconut korma. The visual appeal of this dish alone is enough to make your mouth water for a week afterward. With a light green sauce drizzled with a latticework of cream over jewels of shrimp, it’s a beauty. But you can’t stop with just looking at it. It has some heat, for sure, but believe us when we say it’s worth it.

For a dish that will please anyone, we highly recommend the butter chicken. You’ve never had chicken so succulent and tender. And the rich, creamy sauce with a tomato base is absolutely delicious. This dish alone could keep us coming back every night for more.

Whatever dish you’re trying, definitely order a side of naan bread to scoop up the flavor and sauce. This steaming and crispy flatbread is cooked in a traditional tandoori oven—a clay pot that allows for even cooking and perfect browning. We personally recommend the garlic naan, but you can’t go wrong with plain or even cheese naan if you prefer.

If you’re feeling the heat at any point during your meal, the perfect solution is a cold glass of lassi. We tried both mango and sweet lassi. The mango is a classic and will go well with any dish. The yogurt in this traditional drink cools your throat as it goes down and helps to put out the fire in your mouth, so to speak. The sweet lassi has hints of rosewater with a nutty aftertaste—also delicious and cooling. In our opinion, the meal isn’t complete without a glass of lassi.

After your meal, definitely cleanse your palate with a sweet bite. For a truly exotic experience, try the gulab jamun or rice pudding. The subtle flavors of either one will cool your palate and leave you with just the right hint of sweetness.

Head downtown to try Himalayan Flavor today at 501 Park Ave for an unforgettable experience!


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