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Senior Solutions

The One-stop Resource for Seniors

Published in the October 2022 Issue Published online: Oct 03, 2022 Senior Living
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By Annie Carbutt

NAVIGATING LIFE CHANGES in retirement years can be extremely stressful. Options and resources for senior living abound, but that doesn’t always mean the information is accessible or easy to understand. Add to this the emotional weight of making big decisions with lasting impact and it’s easy to see that seniors could benefit from a guide to point them in the right direction.

Meet Senior Solutions. Senior Solutions is an Idaho Falls-based senior consulting company that offers resources and guidance for senior living in East Idaho. They help make the decision-making process for life changes as easy and painless as possible. Seniors and their loved ones bring their questions and Senior Solutions offers their expertise and resources—all at no cost. They provide a road map for the aging journey. At the helm of Senior Solutions is owner and operator Chanse Powell. Chanse’s life experiences and background have uniquely qualified him for the role he plays.

“I’ve spent my entire career in senior care,” Chanse said. “My dad had a stroke when he was 52. I was 12 years old at the time, so from a young age I was able to experience what it’s like to have a loved one whose abilities have declined. Because of this I’ve always had a really soft spot for those who have disabilities and for families that have to adapt to those changes.” Chanse’s experiences with his dad compelled him to find ways to help struggling seniors. After graduating with a degree in healthcare administration, Chanse took a job as an admissions director at a local nursing facility. This gave him firsthand experience in the field and also opened his eyes to holes in the industry. It was during this time that Chanse saw the need for a resource center that could bridge the information gap for seniors searching for answers. He decided to open Senior Solutions.

Chanse got the business up and running. Whenever he had doubts about the importance or validity of his services, his dad cheered him on. He was an undeniable source of support from the very beginning and even became an original member of the board of directors. Chanse drew great strength from his dad’s support and stuck with things through the early stages of the business. They weren’t going anywhere. Senior Solutions was here to stay.

The business is continually growing. While Chanse’s dad has since passed on, his influence remains a powerful force behind the scenes of Senior Solutions. Chanse and his staff use their understanding and compassion for seniors like Chanse’s dad to fuel their work. And it’s important work. Senior Solutions offers care coordination, housing guidance, in-home options and referrals to professional services—all the things seniors need help with when retirement approaches.

“We like to view ourselves as a one-stop shop for senior information,” Chanse said. “If there is a program or a resource to help senior citizens, we provide that information to families so they know what’s out there. Senior citizens have paved the way for all of us and we want to help them find the best options for a good life.”

Chanse explained how Senior Solutions offers help using what they call the four Cs.

“We coach, we consult, we connect and we coordinate,” he said. In so many ways, Senior Solutions is available to answer the variety of questions that arise for seniors. These often include How do we get help? Do we have a caregiver come into the home? Do we try a facility? Which facility would be the best fit? How much does that cost?

Senior Solutions provides answers to these questions along with peace of mind. In addition to offering guidance in senior housing options and available levels of care, Senior Solutions hosts a variety of events and programs that bring seniors together and connect them with the community as well as providers in the area who also serve seniors.

Among these events is Celebrate Seniors, a senior talent show and showcase that Senior Solutions hosts every year. Celebrate Seniors is a place for seniors to come and share their contributions with others, whether these come in the form of a musical performance or a display case of handcrafted jewelry. The Celebrate Seniors event is also combined with an information fair where providers of services for seniors, such as nursing facilities, healthcare providers, senior law attorneys and others can set up a booth and offer information to seniors at the event.

Senior Solutions also offers educational seminars on caregiving along with sponsoring caregiver groups. These seminars and support groups provide helpful information and support for anyone who plays a caregiving role for a senior. Participants appreciate the understanding community and wealth of resources available in these classes and support group meetings.

Senior Solutions also oversees Serve Seniors, a program that spearheads opportunities to serve seniors in the community throughout the year. Successful efforts have included sending Valentines to seniors in February and delivering Christmas cheer and goodies in December, though the variety of service opportunities they promote is ongoing and extends far beyond holidays.

Whether through a service project or a consulting appointment with a senior, Chanse and the rest of the Senior Solutions team are happy to help seniors in the community, and they love what they do.

“We love talking with seniors and their families,” Chanse said. “Difficult things can happen that make the retirement years painful and lonely for seniors. Our goal is to educate seniors on their options and provide support so they can make the kinds of choices that will improve their retirement and quality of life. The best reward is seeing that we’ve made someone happier.”

Visit or contact Chanse Powell at or 208-821-0955.


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