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Taking the Old and Making it New

An Upscale Remodel for the Virginia Grand

Published online: Sep 30, 2022 Articles Jill Reiley
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DOWNTOWN IDAHO FALLS IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Our many historic buildings have a distinctive character and charm while new storefronts and businesses bring a fresh face to the neighborhood. The area is walkable and clean with a great variety of restaurants, shops and other businesses distributed throughout—and the quality and variety of what’s available seems to be expanding. It just keeps getting better.

Well Downtown Idaho Falls is about to step it up even more. The next time you walk near the old Rogers Hotel, stop and take a peek through the door of 360 B St. Some exceptional things are taking place within its walls.

Work is still underway, but when the doors are opened to the public, the building will be known most aptly as the Virginia Grand, a play on the original name of the hotel that once occupied the building, The Virginian.

Grand Features

With four spacious floors and a large basement, the building had the potential to be used for just about anything. Owner Chuck Faber initially purchased it with office space in mind, thinking he’d clean it up and do some remodeling to create room for his own company offices.

His thoughts shifted when he began walking the halls. An entirely different plan took shape.

Walking through the building today, you’ll find yourself surrounded by only the highest quality features. Chuck has spared no expense. He realized early on that the upper floors would not be offices but would become residential suites instead, either for long-term tenants or for new recruits of high-end local businesses. He wanted to provide a place for new recruits to stay until they could find a place to relocate.

His thought was that posh lodgings would attract high-end professionals to the area. So he aimed straight for luxury.

And he nailed it.

The suites are adorned with beautiful travertine floors and showers, handcarved sink basins and custom headboards, chic pendant lights and even refurbished 1926 pedestal sinks from the original building. Red brick outer walls bring an upscale feel as though you’ve just stepped into a Brooklyn apartment.

“My dad had an old brownstone office in Annapolis, Md. when I was a kid, and it was a work of art,” Chuck said. “I wanted to recreate that feeling here.”

To complete the feel, Chuck has packed the two 3,500 sq. ft. penthouse suites with amenities galore.

Each comes with a full gourmet kitchen, a pool table and arcade games, a pinball machine, kiddie rides, and comfortable lounge seating. One of the penthouse suites even has a glass-walled sauna installed. As with all the suites on the top three floors, the bedrooms have large beds with custom headboards and gorgeous in-suite bathrooms. Each suite has a master and a guest bedroom. The two penthouse suites also each have a full laundry room while the secondand third-floor suites have multiple shared laundry rooms with ample space and machines for everyone.

Everywhere you turn, there is luxury, comfort and convenience. The Virginia Grand lives up to its name.

Party Central

The first floor will have an entirely different function from the top three floors. If residents upstairs can possibly desire a break from their surroundings, all they have to do is come downstairs. They’ll find plenty of entertainment at hand.

Chuck envisions the first floor to have an assembly-style pizza restaurant, or the “Subway of pizzas,” as he calls it.

When people aren’t enjoying pizza, they can entertain themselves with any of 70 arcade games or make their way back to seating near a stage for live music and dancing or other activities.

The first floor will be decked out with red brick wainscot, neon signs, pictures of Marilyn Monroe and other vibrant art. Chuck is aiming for a hot retro vibe. People can even select from a stash of old records for some retro tunes. Chuck has also considered opening a cigar lounge in the basement. With such ample space, solid construction and top-rate ventilation, the building invites endless possibilities for its use.

Whatever the final project looks like, people can be assured it will be grand. Every detail will be selected with care.

Chuck will make sure of that.

This property has been marketed by Chris Italiano with Italiano Real Estate. Contact Chris at 208-760-0202.

To learn more about the Virginia Grand and to-be-determined opening dates, visit us online at


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