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Staff Picks: Late Summer Bites in Idaho Falls

Published in the August 2022 Issue Published online: Aug 02, 2022 Articles, Dining, Discover Idaho Falls
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IDAHO FALLS HAS NO SHORTAGE OF GREAT PLACES TO EAT, and since summer’s not out yet, we’re all still in summer getaway mode. That means we hit our favorite local eateries as often as we can to keep the good vibes going when tanning on a tropical beach isn’t an option. One bite of these dishes is a vacation in itself. Here are the can’t-live-withouts for each of our   staff members.

Birria Tacos with Consomé from Garcia Street Taco & Pelona’s FruitOasis

Juicy, crunchy, dripping with flavor. So. Good.
-Annie Carbutt, Editor

Spiced Lentil Soup with Salad and Focaccia from A Street Soup Market

A perfect balanced trio. The tastiest light lunch for under $10!
-Chris Sheetz, General Manager

Tonkatsu from Blue Hashi

Juicy pork with a crispy coating over steaming veggies and rice—all drizzled with sweet umami sauce. Need we say more?
-Chloe O’Laughlin, Creative Director

House Curry from Thai Kitchen

An agreeable and exotic marriage of spicy, creamy, and crisp with just the right kick. All the textures and flavors a curry should have.
-Steve Smede, Editorial Consultant and Principal Photographer

Camarones a la Cubana from the Cuban Table

Plump shrimp in a mild creole sauce over white rice. ¡Muy rico!
-Emma Johnson, Writing Intern

Strawberry Croissants from Carstens’ Bakery

Flaky and sweet. Heaven in a pastry.
-Shantelle Stewart, Secretary

Chicken Wellington from Copper Rill

Juicy chicken steaming inside a crispy shell of pastry. Poultry in fancy pants.
-Kevin Malcom, Account Executive

Chicken Nachos from Café Sabor

All good things on one plate—cheesy, saucy, crunchy, spicy. Perfectly delicious!
-Jason Harris, Publisher


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